Friday, November 16, 2012

the zombies are chasing me, hurrah!

Gee, I'd really love to give you a post today. Something to make you laugh while your at work, or something to make you think while you're debating getting out of bed and going to the gym.

But unfortunately my Internet is being a giant PITA. I can do my bloggy thing from my iPod, here, but typing a whole full post with my thumbs just doesn't sound too appealing.

I will say this, however: my zombie chases are working!!! The zombies are chasing me, hurray hurray!

See, I've been using this app called "Zombies, Run!", which is COMPLETELY WORTH the somewhat unusually-high app price of $7.99, for several months now. If this were a real post, right here is where I'd insert the ZR promo clip, or the really fabulous fan-created mini-film but since it's NOT a real post I'll just direct you to which you will probably have to cut and paste or type into your browser because this lame Blogger app doesn't support hyperlinks and tell you to GET IT NOW.

Edited: Got it!!

Phew, I got all pit of breath, typing that huge run-on sentence. Run-on sentences make me happy. It's like a contest with myself on how long I can make them while still staying somewhat coherent in my thought-spewing.

So anyway, the app immerses you in a story set during the inevitable zombie apocalypse. You are runner five, running for Abel Township, and it's your running skills that keep the base, well, running. But while you're out picking up spare packages of batteries and sports bras, the zombies are after your brains.

While you run, a voice (a robot voice that i now hear in my dreams) will say,"Warning. Zombies detected." When you hear this, you better haul your weapon-and-food-collecting booty, . A beep indicates the zombie horde closing in on you. The faster the beep, the closer they are to catching you. As you increase your speed, the beeping slows until you (oh God thank you finally) hear the voice say "Zombies evaded".

For anyone with half an imagination and the willingness to intermittently run like a damn fool, it's wicked fun. But a glitch in one of the iOS updates for my iPod made the zombie chases stop working. So I'd get the story still, but not the scary-exciting threat of being bitten.

I ran the rest of my missions this way, and it just wasn't the same.

But!! The latest update, out just this past week, has me running from zoms again. I was so happy the first time I heard that robot voice, I almost cried! Now I'm back to running every day, re-running the story missions to full effect while I (not)patiently await ZR season 2.

How about you? Have you tried this app? What do you think?

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