Sunday, November 11, 2012

ooh yes, i loves me a good challenge.

SO! We've talked about my new attitude. We've talked about my goals. Now let's talk about the steps I'm taking to get there.

This is a little tricky for me, because I need to still stroke that part of me that needs to think I'm doing whatever I want. We can't let that little rebellious six-year-old mental part of me feel like she's being told what to do. No, no, it's got to be like when you give a first grader a choice of two outfits on picture day, so that she feels like she has the power to make the outfit choice. Only you know that the two outfits you offered her are both perfectly acceptable picture-day outfits. She thinks she's getting away with a little independence. Well, maybe you do. I let my kids wear whatever they want. Which is why my six-year-old is wearing polka dots and stripes in her school picture, with bright pink stripes in her hair. Hey, if I get her used to the idea that nothing she wears can shock mommy, maybe she'll never come home tatt'd and pierced to the ends of her fingertips.

random adorable pink-hair'd girl

Not that I'd love her any less.

Of course, maybe she might feel like she needs to try even harder to shock mommy.


I guess we'll have to wait and see.

So anyway, I've set forth a little challenge for myself. I call it the "50 pounds in 50 weeks" challenge.

What? Well, no, I guess that's not really a very original name, if you're being picky. What do you want, it's late and I just wrote like a gajillion words for my Nanowrimo novel. I'm done being creative for the day.

Anyway, that's what I'm aiming to lose. 50 in 50. Now, I'm not a super-huge fan of weight as a record of progress. You've probably noticed how very different the same weight can look on different people. Through all my ups and downs, after each kid was born and in my losses and gains since then, I've been through the 150-lb mark a whole mess of times. And at that weight I've been a size 10, a size 12, and a size 14. Part of it is changing manufacturing standards among brands, I guess, but a huge part is body composition and shape. Unfortunately, I hold a lot more weight in my stomach now than I used to (thank you, genetics and hormones, for that crap shoot win), but I've got way more muscle now than I used to, too. So. Weight, not a great indicator. But it's a start, and if I need to adjust as I go, I will.

I'll be measuring, too. Waist, hips, chest, thigh, upper arm. And size-wise, I'd like to get down to a size 6 in my favorite Target jeans. Ultimately I'd like to go for a size 4, but that will probably take longer. And possibly a tummy tuck. Let's hear it for elective surgery!

But for the sake of the challenge, the goal is 50 lbs, 50 weeks. My first weigh-in is tomorrow morning. Monday, Nov 12. My last weigh in is Monday, November 4, 2013.

My unofficial starting weight, according to what I just weighed at the other day, is 170. Monday morning's weigh-in will be the official starting weight. So, not-quite-a-year from now, barring any drastic goal changes, I should weigh 120.

I can't even fathom weighing that much!

And oh, we need to talk about rewards. Because if bratty six-year-old me is going to do this, and be placated, there need to be wonderful, exciting, non-food rewards. We'll talk about that tomorrow.
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