Sunday, November 11, 2012


So yesterday I mentioned that I had goals. Not just goals but GOALS. Big, short- and long-term goals for my life. Goals that require a healthy lifestyle to achieve.

Goal number 1: 
Earn a personal training certification and get a job as a personal trainer. 

Let's face it. No one is going to go to a dentist with rotting teeth. No one is going to a hair stylist with a Donald-Trump 'do. And no one is going to a personal trainer who can't seem to keep her own self in shape. So goal number one definitely requires getting in shape. Gotta walk the walk if I'm gonna talk the talk. Can you imagine taking advice from a doctor who smokes?

Goal number 2:
Get back into teaching Zumba® classes.
I'm not really out of teaching Zumba classes. I just don't have the energy for it. I had a position with Zumba that I really, really loved and was looking forward to concentrating heavily on in the coming year now that my kids are all in school full time. But when my contract was up for renewal this summer, they chose to not renew with me. It hurt so bad, being turned down, and while I know it was probably due in part to the low numbers I started with--I thought I had all the time in the world to get those numbers up, how stupid I was!--I also can't help but think they must have watched my video and thought, "Wow, she really doesn't fit the image we're trying to project." So with trying to get over my sadness and bitterness over that, I just got so burnt out. I've healed from the hurt and still love the program, but I've had to take a real hard look at myself and admit to myself that I've got to get in better shape. Not because I need to be thin to be a good instructor--I've seen great, beautiful, amazing, inspiring instructors of all sizes. But it just comes down to walking the walk and not thinking I can motivate my classes to greatness when I'm not willing to pursue greatness in myself. And sure, I've got to do it my way--like yesterday's post, I've got to be at peace with myself and do this my way--but I've got to be sure I'm not losing focus. I mentioned that this is the first time I've ever really had goals, and I know it's easy for me to lose sight of what's important to me for the future in favor of what's in front of me now.

Goal number 3:
Go back to school.
I love school!!! I have always loved school. Loved elementary. Loved Jr. High. Loved high school. Loved college--all five years and a half years of it. Had a ridiculously easy time of it all, mostly because I was too clueless to know when girls were making fun of me. And yeah, I'm a huge dork. I love learning and reading and buying school supplies and studying and writing note cards and omg such a dork. And while I've always wanted to go back to school, I didn't know what for. Until! I was browsing an article about fast-growing career fields, not really expecting to find anything I wanted to do but just procrastinating in my job search (because not teaching as many Zumba classes means I've had to get a job) when I came across the description for physical therapy.

"Why am I not doing this already?!" I thought, as I read. "This is perfect for me!!" Two of my immediate family members have been in serious, life-threatening accidents (I know, kind of high odds, right??) and went through extensive physical therapy. I love helping people, and have been desperate to find a field I could love that dealt with helping people live active, healthy lives. And, how many times have I thought it would be great to wear scrubs to work every day?! Why the heck am I not doing this?!? So I researched, and I'm talking to friends in the field (totally-clueless-me had no idea how many friends I even had in this field until I started looking, and what do you know, they all love it), and I'm totally committed. I get to meet with one of my PT friends this weekend to talk about it. From what I can tell, it is a megaton of school (Dr. Paine. Calling Dr. Paine), but I think I can become a PTA--a physical therapist assistant--first, and then earn my doctorate later. At least, that's my current plan. Feel free to make me aware of any glitches.

And while, technically, I'm sure no one is going to be like, "I'm pretty picky about my physical therapists. I think I'll pick that fit one over there over this mushy-looking one over here," I'm thinking that strength and mobility might be important things when you're, say, teaching a six-foot-two-inch guy how to walk again, you know?

SO those are my goals. I think they look pretty good, for being the first ones I've ever really had, beyond, "eat this entire tub of ice cream".

What are your goals?
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