Monday, November 12, 2012

173. optimism is so easy at the start.

OK! So, my official weigh-in this morning was 173.

Thank you, Halloween candy! Now git outta my house!

Oh yeah, that's right. I ate it all.

Today I want to talk about rewards, and what incentives I'm considering for myself.

I was hoping that my sister's upcoming wedding would be enough incentive to get fit and toned.

...Is it so bad to want to look better than the whole rest of the bridal party??

But so far, that doesn't seem to be the case. It's too far away. It's too easy to say, "Oh, I'll worry about that tomorrow." So I need a little reward system.

For the last fifteen pounds I've been buying myself a new beaded bracelet every for every five pounds gone. So by the time I'm done, you know, 50 weeks from now, I should have a whole freaking armful of beaded bracelets. Yay! And when people say, "Gee, Kim, why do you have such a ridiculous number of bracelets on your increasingly-sexy arm?" I can tell them. "Well, friend, that's because I'm kicking fat cells and taking names. Wouldn't you like to pay me to train you so you can also kick fat cells and take names??"

So far I have two bracelets. I'm looking for one on etsy that I really like, like this set, now that I'm hovering right near that 170-mark.

I want to enact a reward for every ten pounds lost. I'm thinking:

160: New running sneakers. I have a pair of the Nike Kukinis and they are my new forever love. I'll need new ones soon.

150: 1-hr massage

140: New sneakers for Zumba classes. I'm really digging high tops. Takes me back to my 80s childhood. Ah, memories. When is super-tall mall hair coming back?

130: Membership to a fun new gym, like the all-women boxing gym near me, or a rock gym

120: A whole freaking new wardrobe. Because dang gun it, I'm going to need it by then.

obv fixing a Zumba-induced wedgie...
I gotta get going--got places to go and a novel to write--but I'll be back later tonight with some talk on the method for getting to where I wanna be.

What about you? What are your goals and what keeps you motivated to get there?

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