Tuesday, November 13, 2012

13 years of bliss and stuff

No sooner did I write that really fabulous last post on eating well and exercising than I went to Trader Joe's, ravenously hungry (all together now: "Don't go to the grocery store on an empty stomach!") and bought some really yummy "Kona Coffee Creamy half-dipped shortbread cookies".

Mm hm. They're as good as they sound. And they go really well with the coffee my honey brought me this morning.

Speaking of my is our anniversary! We've been married 13 years, which is like twice the average now, or something ridiculous like that. Yay us!! We have big plans for today, once we get the kids all off to school. Plans like getting back in bed. Reading. I'll be working on my novel. It's all very exciting. If you're gonna hang with us you better be ready for life in the fast lane, baby.

OK we are going out to dinner later. So at least there's that. And you know, stuff I can't tell you about.

And! I've got to get to the gym today!

I can see from my handy dandy chart in yesterday's post that today is Upper Body & Abs & Running From Zombies. Very exciting, very exciting. If you know my husband, do me a favor and call him and tell him to make sure I do it. Because otherwise it's just gonna be all laziness, all day.

Happy anniversary to the love of my life. You and me baby, we are somethin else.

**Today's Workout--Abs & Upper Body: DONE!!**
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