Wednesday, July 25, 2012

down a pants size.

Thank you, 9-to-12 hours of Zumba® classes a week...

Here's how I celebrated fitting into a pair of jeans that has been sitting in my closet all lonely for months and months now:

Saturday, July 07, 2012

just keep swimming...

Oh you guys.

Long time no see.

Let's see if I can find a recent picture of myself for you...

teaching at a master class with some friends in Boston

Here's one a little less flattering:

360° booty!

Check out that booty. I like to think of that booty as the booty that launched a thousand booty shakes.

So as you can see, still struggling with the weight thing. Am I going to do this for the rest of my life? I dunno!

Starting on Monday, July 16, for no other reason for that particular date than I will be doing big grocery shopping that day, I will be, shall we say, taking a revised approach to eating. A more relaxed approach. Without the self-flagellation that usually comes when I've enjoyed a few too many indulgences or been tagged in a particularly unflattering picture on facebook.

Because let's face it, self-flagellation--mentally, not, like, with a whip--has not been working. Like, at all. And it makes me sad and grouchy. And you know who benefits from me being grouchy? No one.
Well, whoever produces nacho chips and taco cheese and tequila. Because they are making bank off of me right now. 

Actually, let me revise: I'm starting the relaxed approach to eating--the intuitive* way of eating--now. But starting that Monday, after my big food shop, I have to try and direct my intuitive eating toward a more fruit-and-veggie-based course. I'd go into details, but you don't want to know that much about me. 

So between now and that Monday I will be indulging my body in whatever it is that I feel inclined to eat. That might mean more nachos and margaritas, which, in case I have not yet made it clear, I have done way more than my fair share of market support. Seriously; Kraft and Jose Cuervo are all excited their market share has increased by 25%; they just don't realize it's all on behalf of ME. But once I get all that out of my system, I'm gonna take the helm of this 175-pound body and steer her on toward more healthy fare. 

Because right now I'm heading off the map. And here there be beasties. 

Me with a friend, pre-fitness-adventure, back when I was at 185 pounds.

*There is a lot of great info on intuitive eating all over the web. But I'm partial to info that comes from my friends, so go check out my friend-on-the-internet Lizzie and she how she does it.