Sunday, April 15, 2012

the many sizes of me

If you've been following my blog since I started writing it in 2006, you've seen me through a lot of ups and downs, size-and-otherwise. I'm sorry to say that, size-wise, I'm back UP. That picture of me with my baby Bek, writing on the whiteboard, was taken just last November, and I'm even a little bigger now than I was then.

I just joined a group of women in a weight-loss challenge. There is money involved. I have a trainer, I know what to eat, I'm teaching several classes a week, I have plenty of time to exercise, and plenty of motivation.

I'm doing this.

Tomorrow starts day one. It won't be easy--my kids are on vacation all week and that's pretty much a recipe for ice cream and pizza--but I'll post here all week long.

God help me! <3