Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Hm, I just realized something re: my title--If I don't weigh/measure myself again before I post again, or I do but nothing changes, do I just title it with the same thing as last time? Nah...I'll just girl up and think of a title. Anway...

So for a little more detail on what I can eat and what my day looks like on the slow-carb diet and the other recommendations I'm using from the book, here's the schedule I'm aiming for. I'm not saying it's happened's the aim.

6:30 wake up, drink a bucket of ice water. OK, not a bucket, but when faced with the prospect of drinking 150mL of iced cold water directly upon waking, it feels like a bucket. Seriously. I haven't even peed yet. My feet have not even touched the floor. Speaking of feet...

6:35 or whenever the heck I'm supposed to be done with all that water, and provided I can put off running to the toilet long enough, work my little feeties with my Sole Training knowledge. Ahhhhh. Makes my feet so happy. Happy and not-dead-looking.

7:00 breakfast time! A mixture of whole eggs and egg whites, veggies, and (gag!!!) lentils. I hate lentils. Dear sweet goodness, I hate lentils. Does anyone really like these things? Oh my head. They're so gross. So they get buried in eggs. And salsa and broccoli and cauliflower. With a side of either coffee, black with cinnamon, or green tea. I love my Tazo® Zen Tea.

7:30 because Tim says take half an hour to eat your meals: Take a nap and try not to think about food until lunch time. OK OK, just kidding--it's not really that hard to not think about food because 3-ish eggs, and all those veggies and all those lentils make a girl pretty freaking full.

7:55 get the kids on the bus and exercise: Either strength (kettlebell swings, side and prone planks, myotatic crunches) or cardio (Zumba class, of course, or willPower & grace, the other format I now teach.) or flexibility...or a cold walk outside in the cold with just a tee shirt and the cold. More on that later.

8:00 to 11:00 business stuff--marketing, choreography, blah blah blahhh...

12:00 lunchtime! Chicken breast, black beans, pile of veggies, and hot peppers. :9 yummm

12:30 to 5:00 play with kids, clean the house (haha!) talk to friends, blah blah blahhh...

5:00 ish... Dinner! More chicken, more *gack*lentils, more veg veg veg.

8:00 lie on couch with ice back on neck and shoulders for 30 cold shivery terrible minutes.

9:30 go to bed and dream of all the wonderful lentils I will eat tomorrow.

So! The cold stuff: drinking ice cold water, taking walks in the cold with no coat, resting on an ice pace--all these things are meant to capitalize on the body's thermic response to cold, or something like that. Don't ask me the science. Read the book, or google it online. I just know that the body burns way more fat and calories with this cold treatment than it does without it. There's other ways to cold-therepize yourself, too--ice baths (no thanks, I like my heart beating at its normal, non-arrested beat) and ice-cold showers...but I'm starting with this. I'll tell you how it goes.

I hate the cold.

OK that's it for now...upcoming topics include things I can't wait to do in 2012 that will probably be easier if I am a few pounds lighter and how am i supposed to lose weight when losing weight seems to be a full time job and i already have so much other shizz going on. Fun stuff!! ;) <3

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