Monday, January 09, 2012

There I am, courtesy of my very good friend Juliet (ahem name dropper!). She owns West on Jade Photography. Check out her website; she totally rocks as the best photographer I know. She's pretty much famous in the Zumba world, and is making quite the name for herself as a wedding photographer too.

Seriously, go check her website. I'll wait.

You back?


So, yes, this picture was taken at a master class with the very amazing and supertalented George Iu and Peter Wang, Zumba instructors from China. They're so good. omg. So good. The energy! The fun! The moves! I wanted to take them home with me and make them my very own personal Zumba instructors. People have live-in nannies, live-in housekeepers...I'll have live-in Zumba instructors. The kids won't mind all sharing a room together, they love each other...

I had taken a class with George and Peter at Zumba instructor convention once, and it was a lot of fun, but it didn't, like, blow me away or anything. But this class blew me awayyy. Like a hurricane. George and Peter rawked me like a hurricane. Hehehe.
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