Saturday, July 23, 2011

new toy

Oh you're in for it now.

I just got a new laptop. Well, netbook. It's tiny, lightweight, and ...well, obnoxiously slow...but hey, I can get online anywhere there is wifi. The better to blog at you with, my dear!!!

I'm not really prepared to post about much else right now--I'm busy watching Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone on TV--but I'll tell you I've lost a couple of pounds this month and it's due more to it being too dang hot to eat than to me following my own rules...but hey, I'll take it for now. :)

Till later!

Saturday, July 09, 2011

9 days in

Today is July 9, which means two things:
1) it is the 9th day of July, the month I am dedicating to eating healthy. Or, healthierrrrr.
2) the last day of Zumba instructor convention is tomorrow, and soon all my friends will be home with pictures and stories and new Zumbawear stuff.

Now, you might not care about the second point. You may not even care about the first point! Although, if you don't care about either point, you might want to redirect your browser cuz, um, that's all I got for today. But For those who might care...

It's the 9th day of my month of healthier eating!! Now, I have to tell you , I started out thinking I'd go vegan again, cold to speak. But that means I'd have to throw away a ton of food and buy a ton of other food, and the food budget in this house just cannot take that kind of pressure. So a more gradual, more flexible plan was in order.

Then I thought I would make one change--big change, little change, just some change for the better--per week. So this first week I gave up any food that would be explicitly considered junk food. You know, all the stuff I love: brownies, ice cream, cookies, cake.

I did pretty well with that. There was one time I ate half a frosted sugar cookie from the supermarket and then threw the rest away because it tasted chemical-ish. Gross. That was 7 days into the week, so I guess the ol' taste buds had done some housecleaning. And there was one night when I took the kids for ice cream. I started my kiddie-sized cone but didn't' get halfway through it before I decided I was done. So I threw it out. And one night, we had s'mores and I had one s'more that was absolute perfection--marshmallows toasted just right, chocolate perfectly melty, graham cracker just stale enough that it doesn't smash to pieces when you bite into it, perfect ratio of chocolate to marshmallow to graham cracker...I ate that whole thing and savored every bite.

Now, you might be thinking, "That is what you call 'doing pretty well'"??? And you would be right to question. Generally speaking, half an ice cream cone, half a frosted sugar cookie, and a whole amazing s'more do not a diet plan make. But! If you saw how I've been eating lately--and by lately I mean, like for the last year--you would be amazed. Amazed!!!

And the best part was my mental attitude. Approaching the week with a vague plan made me more than a little nervous at first. You know, failing to plan is planning to fail, and all that. But I have such a stupid, obnoxious rebellious streak--great when put to good use protesting all that is bad, but really really lame when engaged in self-sabotage--that I can't go into this with a strict policy of "eat this, don't eat that". Because as soon as I tell my self I'm never going to eat cheese again, I go to the supermarket and buy up every kind of cheese I love (which is a lot) and plenty of crackers and wine to go with it all. I tell myself it's a "last meal" before the diet. But then I tell myself I won't do it anymore. And then I do.

So this week, with the permissive attitude, it was easy to take every decision on it's own and measure if the treat was really something I wanted. If it wasn't, I was free to leave it and have something else or even have nothing now and something treat-ish another time. It was...liberating. And kind of a revelation for me. I'm usually like, "What?? There are sweets at this party? But I'm not supposed to have sweets! OMG let me just eat the ENTIRE TABLE full of sweets NOW while I'm at a party because you have to eat the sweets at a party, it's rude not to, so let me cram all these down while I STILL CAN!!!" And I tell myself it's just for that one party or event, but really. There's always some other party, or event, or birthday, or date with the hubby, or family outing, or girls' night out, or...or...or...

Hehehe yeahhhh. I'm that dumb.

Anyway, for this next week, the plan is to drink no sweetened beverages. Tell ya how it goes.

Later...starting at a new gym, food type or calorie content?