Sunday, November 07, 2010


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I sure do love to eat.


Love it.

But balance--you know, that all-important, energy-in, energy-out balance--well, it isn't really my thing. Hence the 20 pounds I have gained in the last year and a half.

20 pounds.

TWENty POUNDssssss!!!

When I was at my smallest (and still thought I was SO FAT and still cried when I looked in the mirror sometimes, oh it pains me to say that now, why do I have better body image now than I did 20 pounds ago??) I was this close to being within a healthy range of weight for my height.

My height: 5-foot-2. I know. I am shortness.

My healthy-weight range, according to BMI: 101 to 136 pounds.

My lowest weight, post-children: 143.

That is 7 stinkin pounds away.

Now I'm back up to 161 and I don't fit in any of my clothes and blah blah blah and OMG and cry cry cry and dieting sucks and FML (not a lot, I really do have better body image these days, but, y'know, everyone has those days where it all seems so futile...) but never fear! I am relentless in my pursuit of bikini-readiness in 2011!!

And now, my sweet, loving, supportive fellow instructor and BFF is here to help! She's tracking my progress with the MyPlate feature at for me, which is supercool, because if I have to tell someone what I'm eating then, well, I'm a little less likely to scarf down that extra piece of Halloween candy. I just love her!

I do have to say that something about the site, and how it relies on calorie counting, has not lent itself to a very healthy diet, for me at least. I can eat whatever I want, as long as I stay within my formulated calorie count for the day, based on my weight, my losing goals, and my base level of activity (which, I have to tell you, is alarmingly low. If I'm not teaching a class, I am sitting on my rear end in some form. At the computer, playing with Bek, driving in the all amounts to sitting on my butt). And when I teach classes, I enter it in to the site and it subtracts those calories I burned from the total that I've eaten!

Isn't that cool? It's like a game! How much activity can I do so that I can eat whatever the heck I want?? See that chocolate bar? See that ice cream? See that cheese??? I can have it all as long as I work it off!!! Yesterday was a pretty prime example of this: I taught two classes and went to another, for a grand total of 210 minutes of Zumba class. I burned a whole day's allowance of calories. So, on the way home, I stopped at McDonald's and ate a whole day's allowance of calories.

Hey, don't judge me. For your information, I wanted something healthy! But it was late and I was on the highway and that's all there was! It was so good... ;)

So yeah...not sure if that's the right attitude. But you know I hate dieting, and it depresses the hell out of me to think I have to eat a certain frickin way for the rest of my frickin life. It really does seem to be working; I don't eat crap at every meal. It's like, as long as I know I can have something I love, I enjoy the healthy stuff too.