Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I want...
  • to inspire.
  • to go to Zumba Convention next year.
  • to go to Zumba Club Med next year.
  • to buy a whole new wardrobe. In a size 4.
  • to grow my hair long again.
  • to cut it all off after that and donate it so someone will wear a wig with my hair, which is weird but also awesome.
  • to someday have a studio of my very own.
  • to make a significant contribution to my family's income doing what I love.
  • to go back to school.
  • to mentor girls and young women.
  • be a leader in my field--someone other instructors turn to.
  • do 30 pushups in a row.
  • get back to drawing and writing and maybe...acting.
  • try roller derby.
  • serve God and be unapologetic in my faith.
  • teach my children the things they won't learn in school. Like how to balance a checkbook. OK, maybe their dad will have to teach them that one.
I reserve the right to:
  • give up the notion of "what I'm going to be when I grow up", because growing up is a process and not a destination and I am a person and not an endpoint or a checklist.
  • get cranky sometimes and need a time out.
  • use exercise as a serious venting mechanism.
  • try lots of different things, even when it means failing at some.
  • cry/yell/jump up and down, as long as I don't hurt anyone else.
  • be less-than-perfect.
  • be completely myself.
  • lose some friends and make some new ones.
  • call my mom just because I know she loves me no matter how stupid I'm being.
  • spend a whole day in my PJs snuggling with my family.
  • use lots of creamer in my coffee even if it means losing weight more slowly.
  • drive 4 hours to take a class with my favorite instructor.
  • wear bright purple cargo pants in public. With pride.
  • shower three times in a single day. Or not at all.
  • go too long between blog posts...
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