Friday, August 20, 2010

Zumba instructor convention. Are you going?

Disclaimer: I would like to apologize for the extremenly focused audience this post targets. If you're not a Zumba instructor, your interest will likely wane after the first word or two. If you're a student of a Zumba instructor, and your instructor has subs lined up for all her classes next week, and you're all put-out because you hate when there is a sub...well, I empathize. But I'm not really sorry. Because, convention!!! Anyway...

Zumba instructor convention is in just a few short days. I leave on Tuesday, and I'm excited, but I still kind of feel distant about it, you know? I feel like, yup, I'm going, and that's awesome, but it's in the future sometime.

It should hit me that I'm actually going sometime between getting to the airport...and takeoff.

The funny/sad/amusing thing is that I'm no so much excited about convention (although I am, don't get me wrong) as I am excited about having time to myself!! Time to do what I want to do! Putting me first! For someone of my incredible selfishness, this is such a lovely prospect!

I have a whole day in between my Zumba Jammer training on Wednesday and my first day of convention on Friday. A whole, blissful day of nothing planned. And since the hotel is too remote to walk anywhere, I am going to sit my heinie down in a lounge chair with a big, easy, mindless book and a drink and a Costco-sized bottle of sunscreen (although come to think of it, Costco bottles of sunscreen are the same as regular-sized bottles. You just have to buy three or four at a time. Huh.) and do nothing.

Just thinking about it makes me drool a little.

I teach all morning tomorrow, and then I have to spend the rest of the day looking for teaching jobs (anyone need a Zumba instructor? I give a great class, but I'm not the best employee...) so no packing tomorrow. Then Sunday is church and family time. Then Monday is my last day with my kids before I leave. So I dont' know when I'm packing. Or doing laundry so I have clean things to pack.

I just came up with the solution! I won't pack anything!!! I'll just get down there with the clothes on my back, and buy all the new Zumbawear that will be out in the shops! I'll be the best-dressed instructor there!!! I'm a genius!

Oh wait. I'm broke!


Anyway, so I am bringing the camera and will do my best to take pictures, even though I hate taking pictures. I always say I'd rather live the moment than experience it second-hand through a camera lens. But then I always end up wishing later on that I had pics of everything and everyone.

My convo roomie and I were talking about who we'd want to meet while we are there. There's no one I'm dying to meet...but that's because I've already met a lot of people. I want to meet as many people as possible...there just aren't any specific people I will be looking for.

How bout you? Are you going? Are you hoping to meet anyone in particular?
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