Thursday, August 05, 2010

the one in which i say "treat" a lot...

Why can I never think what to title my posts?? It always comes out either lame, or stupid, or something I've already called another post before.


Only 19 days until I fly down to Orlando for Zumba Instructor Convention !!!! I'm not sure what I'm most excited about:
  1. Zumba Jammer training, in which I get to spend a whole day training for this program that I'm very excited about with a-hundred-plus other Zumba Jammers who are (I imagine) also very excited. I wonder who is training us. I hope it's, like, a whole team of ZESs. A whole mess of them. And Beto!
  2. The day AFTER Zumba Jammer training, which will be, for me, a whole day of doing nothing but reading by the hotel pool. I need book suggestions. Send me book suggestions! Preferably in English. Trying to read in Spanish requires too much thinking ("Wait...who cast that spell? Harry? Or Hermione?? Dammit~! I can't tell!! Stupid Spanish...."*) This is my mini-vacation.
  3. Orlando, Florida in August. I dont' expect to leave the hotel the whole time I'm there...except to go out to the pool. Thank God for whoever invented air conditioning.
  4. Meeting new people!! You know how it is with facebook and message boards and becoming familiar with people you've never actually met? and then you meet them? and sometimes it's, well, disillusioning...but mostly it's awesome?
  5. the Zumbathon!!! On one of the promo videos someone calls it a "fitness concert"--"The fitness concert", to be exact--and that's just what it is. SO fun. Can't wait. Will avoid the mosh pit though; I do value my limbs.
  6. Getting away from the family and classes and facebook and email and church stuff and everything for just a while...
  7. Sharing a room with a good friend! My friend Michelle and I are rooming together and she is a new instructor and this is her first convention and she is in for a treat!!! I can't wait to see her face. I feel sorry for whoever has to live/work with her in the weeks after we come back. It might be hard getting her to concentrate on anything for a while. Especially if she gets to meet Beto!!!
  8. Room service. They have room service, right? Til late? And I can order whatever I want? And they'll just bring it to our room??
  9. Parties. The first year I went I was a bit of a party pooper. Big surprise--it was a treat to be in a hotel room with no kids and actually be able to sleep all I wanted without being awakened at 3 am, opening my eyes to a face two inches from my own face whispering about nightmares or blankets that fell on the floor or needing a drink of water. This year I want to see how much Zumba I can handle on how little sleep! Doesn't that sound fun?? Doesn't that sound like I think I'm 20????? Don't I sound like I'll be in for a surprise??
  10. Learning as much as possible. Sometimes I get all sad and reminiscent about how big Zumba is getting, and how cool it was when there were just a mere 10,000 of us instructors, and how you knew so many people and how family-like it was...but one big great thing about Zumba becoming bigger is how many more people there are to learn from. We have people who are great at Bhangra-style, hip-hop, flamenco, Axé, Sino, and on and on and on. And let's face it...I could really stand to learn a few new styles!!
  11. Buying all the new Zumba wear before anyone else. Part of me really thinks it's pretty sly of the Zumba office to constantly put out new collections of clothing and gear so we get so caught up in having the latest fashions...and part of me doesn't care! OMG! Just gimme new stuff!!!

I won't have a computer with me on the trip--I wouldn't have time to use it anyway--so I'm going to do my best to take pictures to share with you when I get back. But I have to warn you; I'm kind of bad at taking pictures. I'd rather live in the moment than fumble for a camera. Well, that, and my picture-taking skills are sorry, sorry, sorry. Way sorry. Growing up I used to get fliers in my pictures that came back from the drugstore that said, "How to take pictures." CVS felt the need to school me, my pictures were so bad.

So, yes. 19 days. And I have to say, that with all these exciting thoughts that come to mind when I think "19 days"...there's also that small part of me that wonders, "Can I lose 19 pounds in 19 days?!?" ;) Fortunately, I am far too undisciplined to try any of the freakishly-fad tricks that might do it... ;)

*This was me, trying to read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, in Spanish, on the train on the way to our family vacation in beautiful South Carolina. It took us 24 hours to get there. I could have read that book in English five times in 24 hours. In Spanish, I got to page 60 and my head hurt. It's a good kind of hurt though. A, "you've been thinking, good for you!" kind of hurt.

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