Monday, August 09, 2010

to my mom

Good morning, world!

Today is my mom's birthday. Happy birthday, mamacita!! I'm sorry I called you yesterday and had the kids sing to was very nice of you to not point out that we were a day off!!

My mom is good mom. And she taught me a lot about being a good mom. (As I turn away from the computer screen to yell at my kids to put "things to do" in the car. We have a road trip today. "We're leaving soon! Go do...pre-leaving things!! Get Things to Do! Put them in the car!" In other words, let me write my blog post, gosh darnit. Nice.) She taught me to make one-on-one time with each of my children a priority. She hated to cook and clean but we always had a tidy house and yummy food. She raised me and my sister and brother to be best friends...although that lesson, admittedly, took a while to catch on... She has always been someone we could turn to in tough times for advice and a helping hand.

We kids made her a very young grandmother, and she has always astounded me with the way she balances being there for us when we need it with a firm set of boundaries. Her grandbabies love her to pieces, and even when my girls dont' see her for a while, they're always so excited for the next time they can jump into her arms. And her pool.

My mom is still surprising me. The woman who was never a huge animal lover has two (TWO!) beautiful golden retrievers who take up a lot of her time and attention.

The confessed nature-avoider enjoys staying at a dude ranch--a dude ranch!--and rides horses. Stinky horses!! She even went diving once. Underwater. My mom. In a dive suit. With, like, a helmet and everything. I usually think of myself as pretty adventurous, but you wouldn't catch me underwater in a helmet. A dive mask maybe...but only because my diver husband has been wearing me down the last ten years. I wish I had a picture, just to prove it.

So happy birthday, mom. We'll sing to you again later. I love you.
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