Wednesday, August 04, 2010

i'm back!

Hey guys!!! Did you miss me? Of course you did!

Well, I hope you did. I missed you!! Really!!

Lots of stuff went down while I was away. And I'm not just talking about the beetle that just came out of nowhere and landed right on my keyboard right now!! No, I'm talking:
  1. I opened a fitness studio with a partner.

  2. I applied for a particular program with Zumba--"Zumba Jammer".

  3. I registered for Zumba Instructor Convention

  4. I quit most of my teaching jobs to concentrate on the studio.

  5. I met some great new people, both at the studio and outside of it.

  6. Did a couple of Zumba-related road trips.

  7. Went to South Carolina on vacation with my family. Loved it there!!

  8. Was accepted to Zumba Jammer program, yay!

  9. Drank lots of coffee

  10. Cut off all my hair! Went from this:

to this:

11. Left studio

So, I was kinda busy! Not super busy. Like, I could have made time for you if I really wanted. Don't be offended, OK? Sometimes I just need a break. A blogging break, if you will.

Have I mentioned it's quarter past 2 in the morning??

Hey how do you like the new layout? Pretty, no? It reminds me of South Carolina! I really didn't think I was gonna like it there. But I really did. I want to move.

So what have you been up to lately?

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