Wednesday, August 25, 2010

good morning, world!

Hey y''s 6 am and I've been up for two hours. I'm in Florida! for Convention!!! YAY!

I'm fuh-reaking starving and there are exactly 50 minutes and thirty-five seconds until the free continental breakfast at my hotel. So I thought I'd take advantage of the free computer access and type away for a bit...

Zumba Jammer training is today! Very excited. So excited to be part of the first group of Jammers. I think it's going to be a great program. They really haven't told us much about it yet so it will be interesting to find out more details. I can't wait to meet the other Jammers and see who else is in my area, since I haven't really heard about too many Jammers from my little part of the world.

Since I left the airport yesterday (and my kids didn't even cry when I left! I'm so proud of them! Of course, one of them is 11 and way too cool to cry and one of them made sure to know exactly when I'd be home so she could write it on the calendar and count down to it and one of them cried all the way to the airport so by the time we got there she'd apparently gotten it out of her system and OMG I miss them already!) I have peed approximately 362 times. I'm like a freaking puppy, I tell you. Too much excitement.

See the joy of early-a.m. blogging? TMI! Before breakfast!!

I tell myself every time I travel anywhere, and lug around a 50-pound suitcase, and only wear 1/3 of the clothes that I bring, that next time I will pack lighter. I will. I said that over vacation, when we had to drag all that stuff--all that stuff!!!--through the train station, onto the train, off the train, to the was awful! So I've been telling myself forver that I would not do that to myself again. I would pack light for Convention. I would bring two or three outfits with me and make use of the hotel laundry. Easy peasy. I could probably fit that in my carryon and not even have to check anything.


I'm pretty sure that every. single. piece. of fitness-related clothing I own is currently in my suitcase. Certainly everything that says "Zumba" on it. I wanted to pack lightly. I really did. But how do you know ahead of time what you're going to wear?? What if I'm kind of bloated? Sweats and a baggy shirt. What if, by the end of the week, all that exercise and no-way-I'm-eating-crap-in-front-of-these-skinny-people eating has me looking totally hot? I need my super-cute tiny clothes! What if it's hot? What if it's cold? What if someone runs out of clothes and needs to borrow something from me? What if OMG!! Tanya B.!! wants us to wear something in particular because we're all going on stage together and it's the one thing I own but didn't bring?!?! These are all the things I have to consider!!! So I packed everything! Including three pairs of sneakers!! Because the convention hotel is carpeted how do I know what sneakers are going to work on that particular carpet?!?!

Heavy suitcase.

It's OK though; I'm strong.

Grr! This post just isn't taking enough time to write. It's only 6:21 and I'm still starving!!!

*drool grumble drool*
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