Wednesday, August 25, 2010

good morning, world!

Hey y''s 6 am and I've been up for two hours. I'm in Florida! for Convention!!! YAY!

I'm fuh-reaking starving and there are exactly 50 minutes and thirty-five seconds until the free continental breakfast at my hotel. So I thought I'd take advantage of the free computer access and type away for a bit...

Zumba Jammer training is today! Very excited. So excited to be part of the first group of Jammers. I think it's going to be a great program. They really haven't told us much about it yet so it will be interesting to find out more details. I can't wait to meet the other Jammers and see who else is in my area, since I haven't really heard about too many Jammers from my little part of the world.

Since I left the airport yesterday (and my kids didn't even cry when I left! I'm so proud of them! Of course, one of them is 11 and way too cool to cry and one of them made sure to know exactly when I'd be home so she could write it on the calendar and count down to it and one of them cried all the way to the airport so by the time we got there she'd apparently gotten it out of her system and OMG I miss them already!) I have peed approximately 362 times. I'm like a freaking puppy, I tell you. Too much excitement.

See the joy of early-a.m. blogging? TMI! Before breakfast!!

I tell myself every time I travel anywhere, and lug around a 50-pound suitcase, and only wear 1/3 of the clothes that I bring, that next time I will pack lighter. I will. I said that over vacation, when we had to drag all that stuff--all that stuff!!!--through the train station, onto the train, off the train, to the was awful! So I've been telling myself forver that I would not do that to myself again. I would pack light for Convention. I would bring two or three outfits with me and make use of the hotel laundry. Easy peasy. I could probably fit that in my carryon and not even have to check anything.


I'm pretty sure that every. single. piece. of fitness-related clothing I own is currently in my suitcase. Certainly everything that says "Zumba" on it. I wanted to pack lightly. I really did. But how do you know ahead of time what you're going to wear?? What if I'm kind of bloated? Sweats and a baggy shirt. What if, by the end of the week, all that exercise and no-way-I'm-eating-crap-in-front-of-these-skinny-people eating has me looking totally hot? I need my super-cute tiny clothes! What if it's hot? What if it's cold? What if someone runs out of clothes and needs to borrow something from me? What if OMG!! Tanya B.!! wants us to wear something in particular because we're all going on stage together and it's the one thing I own but didn't bring?!?! These are all the things I have to consider!!! So I packed everything! Including three pairs of sneakers!! Because the convention hotel is carpeted how do I know what sneakers are going to work on that particular carpet?!?!

Heavy suitcase.

It's OK though; I'm strong.

Grr! This post just isn't taking enough time to write. It's only 6:21 and I'm still starving!!!

*drool grumble drool*

Friday, August 20, 2010

Zumba instructor convention. Are you going?

Disclaimer: I would like to apologize for the extremenly focused audience this post targets. If you're not a Zumba instructor, your interest will likely wane after the first word or two. If you're a student of a Zumba instructor, and your instructor has subs lined up for all her classes next week, and you're all put-out because you hate when there is a sub...well, I empathize. But I'm not really sorry. Because, convention!!! Anyway...

Zumba instructor convention is in just a few short days. I leave on Tuesday, and I'm excited, but I still kind of feel distant about it, you know? I feel like, yup, I'm going, and that's awesome, but it's in the future sometime.

It should hit me that I'm actually going sometime between getting to the airport...and takeoff.

The funny/sad/amusing thing is that I'm no so much excited about convention (although I am, don't get me wrong) as I am excited about having time to myself!! Time to do what I want to do! Putting me first! For someone of my incredible selfishness, this is such a lovely prospect!

I have a whole day in between my Zumba Jammer training on Wednesday and my first day of convention on Friday. A whole, blissful day of nothing planned. And since the hotel is too remote to walk anywhere, I am going to sit my heinie down in a lounge chair with a big, easy, mindless book and a drink and a Costco-sized bottle of sunscreen (although come to think of it, Costco bottles of sunscreen are the same as regular-sized bottles. You just have to buy three or four at a time. Huh.) and do nothing.

Just thinking about it makes me drool a little.

I teach all morning tomorrow, and then I have to spend the rest of the day looking for teaching jobs (anyone need a Zumba instructor? I give a great class, but I'm not the best employee...) so no packing tomorrow. Then Sunday is church and family time. Then Monday is my last day with my kids before I leave. So I dont' know when I'm packing. Or doing laundry so I have clean things to pack.

I just came up with the solution! I won't pack anything!!! I'll just get down there with the clothes on my back, and buy all the new Zumbawear that will be out in the shops! I'll be the best-dressed instructor there!!! I'm a genius!

Oh wait. I'm broke!


Anyway, so I am bringing the camera and will do my best to take pictures, even though I hate taking pictures. I always say I'd rather live the moment than experience it second-hand through a camera lens. But then I always end up wishing later on that I had pics of everything and everyone.

My convo roomie and I were talking about who we'd want to meet while we are there. There's no one I'm dying to meet...but that's because I've already met a lot of people. I want to meet as many people as possible...there just aren't any specific people I will be looking for.

How bout you? Are you going? Are you hoping to meet anyone in particular?

Monday, August 09, 2010

to my mom

Good morning, world!

Today is my mom's birthday. Happy birthday, mamacita!! I'm sorry I called you yesterday and had the kids sing to was very nice of you to not point out that we were a day off!!

My mom is good mom. And she taught me a lot about being a good mom. (As I turn away from the computer screen to yell at my kids to put "things to do" in the car. We have a road trip today. "We're leaving soon! Go do...pre-leaving things!! Get Things to Do! Put them in the car!" In other words, let me write my blog post, gosh darnit. Nice.) She taught me to make one-on-one time with each of my children a priority. She hated to cook and clean but we always had a tidy house and yummy food. She raised me and my sister and brother to be best friends...although that lesson, admittedly, took a while to catch on... She has always been someone we could turn to in tough times for advice and a helping hand.

We kids made her a very young grandmother, and she has always astounded me with the way she balances being there for us when we need it with a firm set of boundaries. Her grandbabies love her to pieces, and even when my girls dont' see her for a while, they're always so excited for the next time they can jump into her arms. And her pool.

My mom is still surprising me. The woman who was never a huge animal lover has two (TWO!) beautiful golden retrievers who take up a lot of her time and attention.

The confessed nature-avoider enjoys staying at a dude ranch--a dude ranch!--and rides horses. Stinky horses!! She even went diving once. Underwater. My mom. In a dive suit. With, like, a helmet and everything. I usually think of myself as pretty adventurous, but you wouldn't catch me underwater in a helmet. A dive mask maybe...but only because my diver husband has been wearing me down the last ten years. I wish I had a picture, just to prove it.

So happy birthday, mom. We'll sing to you again later. I love you.

Friday, August 06, 2010

a letter

Dear Cheese,

I'm sorry but...well, there's no easy way to say this. I need a break.

It's not a breakup! Just a break. I just...see, Cheese, you and I had a real good thing going after I came back to you after that whole "vegan" thing blew over. I don't think I'm going over there again, but I can't say for sure. What I do know is, well...Zumba Instructor Convention is in two weeks and well Cheese, how can I say this gently? You make me gain weight faster than a two-month-old heifer.

Now, don't feel bad. I'm calling it off with Bean Dip, Sour Cream, and Avocado too.

I know, I know, we've had some good times together. Remember when we got together, you, me, Bean Dip, Sour Cream, Tortilla, Salsa, and Margarita? You melted all nice and held Tortilla together...I dunked you in Bean Dip and Salsa and Sour Cream...Margarita just topped you all off so nicely...I haven't seen much of her lately either. I know, I can't stay away from any of you for long. But be honest: you know you're no good for me.

You might still see Salsa around. I don't know. He isn't too fun by himself, but most of our old gang is just no good for me now. Try not to give him a hard time; he means well. Provides for me, with all his veggie goodness...and a little spice...

You'll remember me, won't you, Cheese? When you're surrounded by my husband and my kids, you won't forget how much fun we used to have?

I'll miss you.

Thursday, August 05, 2010

the one in which i say "treat" a lot...

Why can I never think what to title my posts?? It always comes out either lame, or stupid, or something I've already called another post before.


Only 19 days until I fly down to Orlando for Zumba Instructor Convention !!!! I'm not sure what I'm most excited about:
  1. Zumba Jammer training, in which I get to spend a whole day training for this program that I'm very excited about with a-hundred-plus other Zumba Jammers who are (I imagine) also very excited. I wonder who is training us. I hope it's, like, a whole team of ZESs. A whole mess of them. And Beto!
  2. The day AFTER Zumba Jammer training, which will be, for me, a whole day of doing nothing but reading by the hotel pool. I need book suggestions. Send me book suggestions! Preferably in English. Trying to read in Spanish requires too much thinking ("Wait...who cast that spell? Harry? Or Hermione?? Dammit~! I can't tell!! Stupid Spanish...."*) This is my mini-vacation.
  3. Orlando, Florida in August. I dont' expect to leave the hotel the whole time I'm there...except to go out to the pool. Thank God for whoever invented air conditioning.
  4. Meeting new people!! You know how it is with facebook and message boards and becoming familiar with people you've never actually met? and then you meet them? and sometimes it's, well, disillusioning...but mostly it's awesome?
  5. the Zumbathon!!! On one of the promo videos someone calls it a "fitness concert"--"The fitness concert", to be exact--and that's just what it is. SO fun. Can't wait. Will avoid the mosh pit though; I do value my limbs.
  6. Getting away from the family and classes and facebook and email and church stuff and everything for just a while...
  7. Sharing a room with a good friend! My friend Michelle and I are rooming together and she is a new instructor and this is her first convention and she is in for a treat!!! I can't wait to see her face. I feel sorry for whoever has to live/work with her in the weeks after we come back. It might be hard getting her to concentrate on anything for a while. Especially if she gets to meet Beto!!!
  8. Room service. They have room service, right? Til late? And I can order whatever I want? And they'll just bring it to our room??
  9. Parties. The first year I went I was a bit of a party pooper. Big surprise--it was a treat to be in a hotel room with no kids and actually be able to sleep all I wanted without being awakened at 3 am, opening my eyes to a face two inches from my own face whispering about nightmares or blankets that fell on the floor or needing a drink of water. This year I want to see how much Zumba I can handle on how little sleep! Doesn't that sound fun?? Doesn't that sound like I think I'm 20????? Don't I sound like I'll be in for a surprise??
  10. Learning as much as possible. Sometimes I get all sad and reminiscent about how big Zumba is getting, and how cool it was when there were just a mere 10,000 of us instructors, and how you knew so many people and how family-like it was...but one big great thing about Zumba becoming bigger is how many more people there are to learn from. We have people who are great at Bhangra-style, hip-hop, flamenco, Axé, Sino, and on and on and on. And let's face it...I could really stand to learn a few new styles!!
  11. Buying all the new Zumba wear before anyone else. Part of me really thinks it's pretty sly of the Zumba office to constantly put out new collections of clothing and gear so we get so caught up in having the latest fashions...and part of me doesn't care! OMG! Just gimme new stuff!!!

I won't have a computer with me on the trip--I wouldn't have time to use it anyway--so I'm going to do my best to take pictures to share with you when I get back. But I have to warn you; I'm kind of bad at taking pictures. I'd rather live in the moment than fumble for a camera. Well, that, and my picture-taking skills are sorry, sorry, sorry. Way sorry. Growing up I used to get fliers in my pictures that came back from the drugstore that said, "How to take pictures." CVS felt the need to school me, my pictures were so bad.

So, yes. 19 days. And I have to say, that with all these exciting thoughts that come to mind when I think "19 days"...there's also that small part of me that wonders, "Can I lose 19 pounds in 19 days?!?" ;) Fortunately, I am far too undisciplined to try any of the freakishly-fad tricks that might do it... ;)

*This was me, trying to read Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, in Spanish, on the train on the way to our family vacation in beautiful South Carolina. It took us 24 hours to get there. I could have read that book in English five times in 24 hours. In Spanish, I got to page 60 and my head hurt. It's a good kind of hurt though. A, "you've been thinking, good for you!" kind of hurt.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

i'm back!

Hey guys!!! Did you miss me? Of course you did!

Well, I hope you did. I missed you!! Really!!

Lots of stuff went down while I was away. And I'm not just talking about the beetle that just came out of nowhere and landed right on my keyboard right now!! No, I'm talking:
  1. I opened a fitness studio with a partner.

  2. I applied for a particular program with Zumba--"Zumba Jammer".

  3. I registered for Zumba Instructor Convention

  4. I quit most of my teaching jobs to concentrate on the studio.

  5. I met some great new people, both at the studio and outside of it.

  6. Did a couple of Zumba-related road trips.

  7. Went to South Carolina on vacation with my family. Loved it there!!

  8. Was accepted to Zumba Jammer program, yay!

  9. Drank lots of coffee

  10. Cut off all my hair! Went from this:

to this:

11. Left studio

So, I was kinda busy! Not super busy. Like, I could have made time for you if I really wanted. Don't be offended, OK? Sometimes I just need a break. A blogging break, if you will.

Have I mentioned it's quarter past 2 in the morning??

Hey how do you like the new layout? Pretty, no? It reminds me of South Carolina! I really didn't think I was gonna like it there. But I really did. I want to move.

So what have you been up to lately?