Thursday, October 15, 2009



Joined a Biggest-Loser-style weight loss competition.

The motivation: the $1000 first prize, enough to send me to Zumba Instructor Convention next year.

Been a month.

Weighed in tonight.

Lost two pounds.


Kinda hatin' on how it seems like I have to work so much harder--than I used to, than other people do--to get anywhere. Have I mentioned I teach eleven classes a week? Even if I'm just not burning as many calories as I used to, even if my body is "used to it" as people tell me it must be when I complain about this damn plateau--Zumba is supposed to burn between 500 and 800 calories and hour. Even if for some reason I'm only burning 300--and you've seen me hauling ass in my classes, I know you have!--if I did that eleven times a week that would be almost a pound of weight loss a week!

Kinda on the fence between giving up, eating everything in sight, and becoming a champion for fat women everywhere and kicking it into gear hardcore, giving up any enjoyment of food at all, and working out five hours a day.

I'll let you know the plan tomorrow.

For now I'm going to bed. I need my bed and my hubby.
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