Friday, October 09, 2009

zumba shoes

I am always on the hunt for the perfect Zumba shoe. When I'm not looking for one for myself, I'm looking for shoes I can recommend to my students. So let's share. I'll tell you what I'm wearing and you can tell me what you wear and how you like it.

Right now I'm rotating between the BFree dance boots and my new pair of Nike Air Max 90s. I love the BFrees (designed by choreographer and dancer Brian Freedman) but because they're a split sole shoe, I don't recommend them to my students. I never recommend dance sneakers with split soles because I've heard of too many people hurting their feet. But I use them myself. Hypocritical? Maybe! But they're SO CUTE!

I love my Nike Air Max 90s. Partly because they're so funky and partly because after wearing the BFrees, it's so good to put on something with shock absorption. Oh Nike, I love you and your crazy Air/ Shox technology. And oh yeah! also because they're what my favorite favorite instructor is wearing in the latest choreography DVD!! (...stalker!) I would like to point out that these happen to be the best thing I found when I went to all the stores. And mine are a different color. So there! ;)

Now, I've been a Nike girl for a while. I don't know what it is. Oh wait--yes I do. Nike shoes are cute and professional-looking and supportive, all rolled into one. And it just so happened that when I first started teaching, Nike had just rolled out its Dance line of sneakers and clothes. (So cute...I miss that line!)

First it was the O-Drive. Then the Electro. Then the Cameo. They were all pretty good, and the nice flat bottom and turning spot worked well...for a while. Then my O-Drives wore out, and my Cameos were stolen...(STOLEN!!!) so it was on to the Air Turf Max.

This shoe had it all. The look. The support. The cushioning. And little ball-type things on the sole that let me turn on ANYTHING. Oh how I loved those shoes. And they were marked down! Bonus! I ordered them online and when I got them, they felt a little snug. I didn't think anything of it because my past shoes have always been a little snug and I figured I would just wear them in.

Well, I know now that you shouldn't have to "wear in" a good pair of sneakers. After teaching in them for a month I had to finally admit that they were too small. They were practically crushing my feet, and every night I would have trouble sleeping because the pain in my feet was so bad. In the beginning I told myself it was because of the crappy cheap shoes I wore for two weeks after my Cameos were stolen...but that wasn't it, or not all of it anyway.

So I went to order a bigger pair because I loved them SO much. But haha! they were discontinued!! So I searched high and low for these shoes. An instructor friend, who also wears and loves the Air Turf Max, called distant parts of the country, trying to find this stinkin shoe. But alas, it was all for naught. I don't know why you would discontinue such an obviously popular shoe...but what do I know? I'm just the consumer!

Anyway, it turns out they've come out with a similar shoe. IMO it's not the same...but I'm sure I'll end up trying it anyway. I do have a quest, after all, for the perfect Zumba shoe. Or, as some of my students have pointed out, possibly some kind of shoe fetish. Possibly!

Here's the new one, the Nike Air Team:

Pretty, yes? It's a little unfortunate that Nike seems to assume that all its female consumers want pink in their shoes. I like pink enough...but it's really, really not my color. I'm a purple girl. But maybe if enough of you buy this shoe, they'll come out with it in another color! Like purple!

And here is where we meet the true intent of this post. Go buy this shoe and then call Nike and tell them you'd buy a second pair if it were black and purple.

OK OK not really; I want to hear about what you're wearing on your feet. Go ahead, don't be shy! A blogger loves nothing more than comments, you know! ;)
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