Sunday, September 06, 2009

taking my 1,217th study break of the day to say...

Dear AFAA,

Hi there. You know, I'm studying for that little Group Exercise Certification exam and I was just wondering, since I've been teaching for two years... Well, see, I get a lot of people in my classes and they have lots of fun and they're getting more and more fit and no one's getting hurt... So I was thinking, maybe we could just take this test and shove it call it good? You give me my certification, I go on teaching a great class, and it's a win-win! Whaddaya say? Just let me know, OK, because I have some stuff I'd really like to do with my family this week and if I can knock off the studying, that'd be great.

Kimberly Paine

ps: Either way, I'm totally burning that stupid muscle-man diagram in effigy this weekend. Just sayin.
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