Thursday, July 16, 2009

zzzzzzzzzzz *snort* zzzzzzzzzz z z...

I can't sleep.
I'm so tired.
My head hurts.
I'm thirsty.
I can't shut off my brain.
My feet hurt.
My legs hurt.
My frigging wrists hurt, for crying out loud. Dang bellydancing routine. Dame jaleo.
I think I need to see a podiatrist.
And a sports nutritionist.
And a chiropractor.
And a masseuse.
I'm teaching way too effing much.
But I need the money.

Oooh, in following that line of thinking, instead of just killing you with my random stream-of-consciousness crap, I'm studying for the AFAA group exercise exam!

*blank stares from the audience*

OK, so, AFAA stands for...something. Hold on, it's late. I gotta go look it up. Ooh, OK, it stands for Aerobics and Fitness Association of America, and it's kind of the big deal when it comes to fitness certifications. Well, one of the big two, the other being ACE, the American Council on Exercise. And if I want to teach anywhere that pays more than peanuts, I need that group ex cert.

SO! After putting it off and putting it off and making all these excuses like and It's too much money and I'm not ready I finally just booked the date, paid for it and everything, so now I have no choice but to study my butt off from now til September 11. Go me! Eeep!

It's not easy. There is a whole lot of crazy crap to learn. Like, anatomy. Can I just say something about anatomy? When I was in high school, anatomy was an elective. You could take anatomy, or you could take something else, like physics or something. I don't really remember, because high school was a long-ass time ago. What I do remember is watching my friends walk around with these gi-freaking-normous anatomy books and thinking, Sucks to be them!!!

But you know what? If *I* had taken anatomy back then, I wouldn't be struggling so freaking hard to learn it now!! Funny, isn't it?? HAHA! I'm dying from laughter!!

So. Lots of stuff to learn. But I need it, if I want to reach my goals of being an awesome instructor and maybe even a ZES when I grow up. And I do. I really really do.

I just wish my goals didn't involve freaking anatomy!

Although maybe if I study for a while, I'll finally be able to get some sleep...
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