Thursday, July 09, 2009

is it raining there? it's raining here too.

Actually, for once in, like, forEVAH, it is not raining here in MA. Srsly, this is the grossest, coldest, rainiest, summer I can remember. But! enough about the weather, and on to the fun stuff!


I teach three classes on Thursdays, so it is simultaneously my favorite and least-favorite day of the week. But the great thing about this Thursday is that it is the day before tomorrow, which is the day I get to drive the two hours down to Connecticut for a master class with Tanya B.! Yay! Add to that plans for dinner with a bunch of friends afterward and you have the makings of a great start to the weekend. There may even be a margarita or two involved. Mmmmmmmm...

Did I tell you about my new Zumba shoes? I don't think I did, because I have been so ridiculously bad at updating. So...Guess what! I got new Zumba shoes! Yeah, I totally did! I know, you're surprised.

I needed new sneakers anyway because my old Nike Shox Cameos were six months old and when you teach eleven or twelve classes a week that's, well, pretty old. But the money wasn't really there, so I kept putting it off.

And then, somehow (I'm still not sure how), I lost my Cameos! Um, like, one day they were there and I wore them to class, and the next day I went to teach and they were gone. So I taught for a week in my cruddy old Target clearance specials and by the end of the week my feet totally wanted to kill me in my sleep, with my calves a willing accomplice, so I broke down and ordered whatever was on clearance at

And here they are:
My babies! These are the Nike Air Strike Turf Womens Training Shoe. They don't have the fancy-dancy spin-spot like all the other Nikes ("all the other" Nikes being the two others I've owned) I have used since I started teaching, but they were heavily recommended among my fellow Zumba instructors and, hey, they were on clearance, so I figured I'd give them a go. They couldn't be worse than my Target specials.

I also bought these babies, because they were so cute, and I reasoned that I was getting two pairs of shoes for the price I normally pay for one, and then I would be able to do what all the big-time trainers tell you and switch back and forth between two pairs. Plus they were so dang cute:
So cute! Unfortunately for me, 1) my husband balked at all the money I spent this month when, y'know, teaching full-time for the YMCA isn't exactly raking in the dough and 2) I look totally ridiculous in them. Like that saying goes, I lived through the high top sneaker craze the first time through, so I should know better than to wear them the next time. Sigh...they were totally cute though, and it almost physically hurt to return them. Poo.

So anyway, I have been wearing the Turfs for a week and a half and I lurve them! I was having trouble with sticking to the floors in the studios of almost all my locations, but these turn on anything. I wish I bought half a size bigger, but since I can't exchange them--Nike's website is all sold out--I'll just deal.

Now, I know, I know, this is kind of a sticky follow-up to my last post on world hunger and facing my ugly consumerist ways, so to counter that, I'm donating a bunch of my old sneaks, and some of my kids' not-too-destroyed shoes, to a charity right here in MA that gives shoes to people who need 'em, for various reasons including poverty and earthquake. After I wash the feet-stink out of them. the heck do my kids stink up their shoes so badly?
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