Wednesday, July 08, 2009

cuz i know you love it

What we did in class today, more or less...

1. Ojos Que No Ven by Alexis y Fido
2. Dance Bailalo by Kat DeLuna... Read More
3. Dulce Nina from Zumba Megamix 12
4. Kulikitaka Ti from MM 12
5. Como Si Na from ZIN 21
6. Caliente from ZIN 20
7. El Sonidito by Hechizeros Band
8. Galactic Blues by Don Omar
9. Ran Kan Kan from ZIN 20
10. Estas Perdida, ZIN 21
11. Cumbia de los Muertos, MM 9
12. Marcha Re by Terra Samba
13. Jaleo by Ricky Martin
14. Lucky by Colbie Caillat and Jason Mraz
15. Closer by Kings of Leon

Hey...anyone ever done/been to a Zumbathon for a good cause? I'm thinking...and this is just in the baby phases in my head, so I'm almost afraid to say it...I want to have a huge outdoor Zumbathon and donate the money to something. I'll tell you what, but first I want to do some research first.

A couple of weeks ago my husband and I volunteered at a World Vision: AIDS in Africa exhibit, and with our child sponsorship we got the book, The Hole in our Gospel*: The Answer That Changed My Life and Might Just Change the World from Richard Stearns, the president of World Vision US. I read it in no time, and my heart just broke. I alternated between feeling all fired up and needing to do something and feeling utterly despaired of ever being able to ever make any kind of difference in the huge global issues of AIDS and hunger, and also conflicted about why I should care about what happens "over there" when there are terrible things going on right here. I'm still conflicted, and I am in constant prayer for God to use me in something.

So while I pray for doors to open where I am needed, and research ways to help--because I don't really trust that just throwing money at an organization is the best way to go about things--maybe you could tell me your experiences with Zumbathons, organizing them or going to them or promoting them, or any other related stuff you don't mind sharing. And as I learn stuff and feel led, I'll share with you where I might be going with all this. ;)

One more thing about this--if you ever need help with, like, ridiculous binge eating or just eating the wrong things and can't seem to break through cycles of overeating and self-disgust, or any other eating...issues... I gotta tell you. Seeing videos and reading about people who struggle to get clean water and any kind of food makes it very difficult to scarf down a huge meal with a gallon of soda and follow it up with a chocolate cake. Let me tell you. Even other issues like buying cute but very not-sensible shoes looks a lot different when seen through different eyes. I don't think that we should ever feel guilty for having...but we all should think about what we do with the incredible blessings we all have. And we should all ask ourselves whether we can get by with a little less--less food, less drive-through lattes, less cute shoes, less whatever--if it means that someone else gets by with a whole lot more.


* I totally hate this title, but it's still a really good book.
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