Sunday, July 19, 2009

countdown: t-minus nine hours and counting...

...until I start eating clean. You know, Eating Clean??

It's time. I'm ready.

For a long time I didn't think I was ready. I went and grabbed Tosca Reno's book from the library, and halfway through it I had to put it down so I could cry pitifully about all the junk food I'd be missing without losing my page.

"Waaahhh! Poor me!! Why can't I be one of those people who can just eat whatever they want and not gain a pound? Whyyyy meeeeeeee?!??!"

Poor baby. Nauseating, really.

But! I finished reading the book, still not sure I was ready. I planned my meals, still kind of sniffling and snorting and leaking about the whole thing. I went to the supermarket and filled up the cart with crazy produce and tofu and stuff, because here in the If Not Now household we're doing clean eating, vegan style.

Well, I am anyway. My family, not so much. Moving on...

Checked out with my stuff, still unsure. Brought it home and put it all away, getting kind of grouchy now.

Spent the last day and a half pigging out on gross stuff in the hopes that eating-til-I-puke would finally get me ready to give it up. And I have to say, I'm there.

Just to be sure, I watched Nike commercials all day on YouTube. Dang if they don't have the most motivating commercials! They speak to me. They say, Just do it, girlfriend!!

So here I am. The night before it starts. I'm chock-full of ice cream, cake, pizza, brownies, caramel, and all other kinds of nonsense.

I'm so ready.

Bring it.

Bring it!!!


;) That was my game face. It's on.
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