Saturday, March 14, 2009

how can i possibly be at 261 posts?!

OK so as a Zumba instructor, I constantly (constantly!!) have at least one eye out for new clothes to wear to class. For example, today I was in Wal-Mart (and each time I go there I swear it will be the last time because I hate shopping there but then I look in my wallet and go, "Oh, I have no money, guess I'd better go toWal-Mart) doing some bare-bones food shopping and of course I had to try on every remotely-interesting-looking pair of cargo pants and cute shirt I saw.

Walked out with a tank top. Zebra print. Very cute. Five bucks.


Oh I'm always looking for fun, funky new things to wear. And as a Christian, I'm always looking for ways to spread the Good Word without being all, "REPENT SINNERS!!! The END is NEAR!!!" Because that's just so not me.

So...I was reading one of my favorite-ever bloggers and she had a link to this tee shirt site and I fell in love with the shirts there. They are super-cute in great designs, with a comfy vintage burnout feel and Bible verses on the backs. <3 loooove.

And then, the site had a link to their blog, so I checked that out and lo and behold, they're giving away free tee shirts!! And all I have to do to get 5 entries into the drawing is blog a little about the site and put up a little button for it and voila!! So, while I probably would have told you about them anyway, I probably would have told you after ordering and getting a shirt or two. Or three. But now you get to hear about them ahead of time. So maybe I can get my shirts for free. Because, you know, I have to shop at Wal-Mart. ;)

...In other news...

I have two tickets to take a Master Class with TANYA B. later this month!! Woooooo! Can't wait. Gonna be fun. I'm taking my instructor friend Tina and she's never taken a class with Tanya so I'm so excited she gets to come this time!

I love taking classes with Tanya. It would be so easy to leave her class and think, "I will never, not if I live to teach a hundred thousand Zumba classes, never ever be that good." (Really, the girl rocks out loud.) But I never feel that way. Instead, I leave inspired to be a better instructor. Pumped up. My first few classes after a Tanya class (or a Beto class, for that matter) are always a little bit in-for-it, and they always know I must have just taken a really rockin' class. They always say something!

I have more to write.'s 1:20 am, and 1 o'clock has always been my Cinderella hour for writing. Anything I write after that comes out sounding like I let my 3-year-old dictate. But I want to ask you something. So I'll ask you, and you can think about it until I post about it: How do you treat yourself? Would you treat someone else the way you treat you?
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