Friday, March 06, 2009

holding fast at 148

So. Before the holidays I was down to 143 pounds. Wicked pissa, right?

(...For those of you outside the Boston area, "wicked pissa" is good.)

And after the holidays I was 148. Actually, I got up to 156 at worst, but that was, like, bloated, ate-junk-for-three-days-straight-and-dehydrated-to boot. So it doesn't count. Right?

And I'm still there. Yay! I mean, could be worse, right?! So, yay!

I haven't been updating my sidebar on how I'm doing on all my great plans because, well, I haven't been following them. If you've been reading for any length of time, you'll have seen that coming. And really, I should have known better than to even make such grand plans. I do way better when I'm just my old, laid-back self, relaxing and loving my body and enjoying my Zumba classes and cleaning my house and enjoying my kids and loving my hubby and eating the stuff that I like that helps me do all that stuff best.

I think about it too much? and it all just goes to heck.

No worries.
I think I'll write a book. The No-Worries Diet, or, How to Lose Weight and Feel Great Without Even Thinking About It, Actually, If You Think About It You Gain Weight So Just Don't Think.

In other news, a friend from college, who I haven't seen in like ten years--at least!--came to my Zumba class last night and now he's talking he wants to be an instructor. Actually, he was talking like that before he even got to my class! just from what he'd seen online. I told him to come see if he even liked it, but I could have saved my breath. He loved it, of course, and is now patiently (haha! or not) waiting until there are new workshops posted. Since everything from here to June is sold out already. influx of new instructors...should be interesting.

Speaking of new instructors...I have GOT to find my Zumba Toning DVD and weights (yes, there are still many boxes just waiting to be unpacked around here...if I ever move again I'm...well...I'm doing something differently, she finished lamely). I need to do some toning, I need to introduce a new format so I can add more classes, my classes would like a mix of Zumba music with toning moves--it's a win/win. Yup...juuuuust gotta find 'em... Gonna have to start setting myself apart if we get a bunch of newbies around. You know, I might get traded in for a younger model! Yikes! ;) Also, gonna have to start looking for job opportunities in real gyms, that pay real money, if I want to ever quit my other job. I'll never leave the Y, but I could add

Speaking of my abundance of free time!!! Do you watch America's Best Dance Crew...or whatever it's called? Something like that. Well, it's really awesome! And after watching it a couple of times, and with that Step/Hip Hop showcase I just went to...I just wanna dance! I told my husband--repeatedly--that I could so do that!!! I could SO do that. I could. In my free time!

Did I mention we're getting a puppy? Tomorrow?!

Dear Free Time,
I miss you. I feel like we hardly knew each other. There was a brief fling after Jordan was born, when she would just sleep all the time. But then I went back to school and work, and then came her sister, and still I was working, and then came her other sister...and now the puppy, and still I'm working and now two jobs... I never get you anymore. I feel like I wouldn't know what to do with you if I did.
Promise you'll wait for me. It might be a while, and by the time we meet again I might be gray and wrinkled, but I know you'll still love me.
Lots of love,

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