Thursday, January 01, 2009

Let's talk resolutions.

OK resolution time. Let's talk.

In 2008 my resolutions read thusly:

* Go vegan
* Make less of an impact on the environment
* Throw myself a huge birthday party

And my results were:

* Great for three months. OK for six more months. Miserable for the last three months. I totally blame the holidays, because my "vegan mindset", such as it is, hasn't changed. I still desperately WANT to be a good little Earth-saving, compassionate, super-humanly-healthy-and-energetic vegan.
* Pretty good! Ate out of reusable containers. Drank out of Neoprene bottles. Tried to not drive around needlessly. Turned the heat way down in the house, although that was admittedly more a wallet-friendly move than an Earth-friendly effort.
* UTTER FAIL. My 30th birthday went by almost completely unnoticed. I had huge plans in January, followed by moderate plans by March...then by June I was totally wiped out by all I'd been doing and decided a quite night in was just what I needed. So now I'm going to have to find another excuse for throwing a huge party...

AAAAND my resolutions for 2009:

*Back to the healthy vegan eating! Even if it means not eating, in the case of being somewhere with no animal-free food.
* I need to take my vitamins every day. Especially as a vegan, wherin the intake of vitamins B and D and iron can be an issue. I so suck at taking a daily pill! Which is why we always had to double up on the old BC...but that's another story...
* Weight training!! I added this to my resolutions at some point last year, but since it wasn't a big January 1st Resolution Superstar, I'm adding it here as a new one. I never followed through anyway, but this year I've got me a fun fun kettlebell, a Christmas gift to me from me.

SO! There they are. I can't wait to get back on track with the eating well, because right now I feel so cruddy. Sluggish and tired and lazy and dense and bleh.

Here's to a happy, healthy 2009!

Now, you're turn: make some resolutions. C'mon, everyone has room for improvement! ;)

PS: I would (not!) like to point out the change to the little meter up top there. A few weeks ago it read 143. It now reads 150. Yeah.

Not for long, not for long...
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