Thursday, January 29, 2009


Finally! I have new motivation. I want!

I wannnnt...

I WANT to wear a BIKINI to the BEACH this summer!!

Yup. That's what I want.

Can I do it? Well...I don't know!!! But I do know that this time last year I was a brand-new vegan, I weighed about 170 pounds, and I was a size 14/16, and by the time last summer came around, I was about 150 pounds, and a size 10/12. So if I could do it then, why shouldn't I be able to do it now?

Just for reference, right now I am about 150 (again, after getting down almost to 140 before the holidays, but anway) and a size 8/10. And in order to get into a bikini by summer I would really like to be a size 4, but I might have to settle for a size 6. If it weren't for the stubborn post-baby-bearing area of my stomach I would--well, I'd probably be wearing a bikini right now, sitting here typing. I'd probably wear a bikini to the grocery store. But, and I know you moms hear me, that shit is stubborn!!

OK so here is the plan. I need to do the following:

  1. Drink water. And more water and more water. 16 ounces every hour I'm awake. That's a lot of freakin water, but I'm always so dehydrated!

  2. Weight train. I started this on Monday, and was hella sore on Tuesday and Wednesday. I'll hit the weights after Zumba class tonight. Class, if you're reading this, make sure I head into the fitness center after Zumba!! Ideally it will be class with my awesome boss Cyndee on Mondays, kettlebell at home on Wednesdays, and class with my girl Jill on Friday.

  3. Eat better! Stop whining about it and just DO IT! I'm starting to sound like a broken record, stuck on the wehWEH wehWEHwah sound of the adults in the Charlie Brown movies.

  4. Get some damn sleep. Ever since we've been in this house I have had the worst time trying to sleep. My husband will tell you it's because I made him switch sides of the bed with me, after 9 years of sleeping on the same side of the bed. While I did do this, it was more to prove we were capable of change, than anything else. That, and to convince him we need a new damn mattress. Ahh, the exciting little things of married life.

  5. Switch up the cardio. I hate to say it, but a girl can only Zumba so many times a week without her body saying, "Been there. Done that." and not responding anymore. Soooo I have to find a new class. Is there anything out there as fun as Zumba?! I think not. This could very well be the hardest thing of all. I actually considered taking up running (mostly because Nike has these stupid cutetastic shoes) for about five minutes before I remembered I hate running and wouldn't mind dying with the knees God gave me. So, while I still think in a tiny part of my brain that I might give running a try--the last time I tried it, I weighed a lot more and was way more out of shape--I gotta find something else that's fun and not a chore.
  6. Be more active outside of the gym, like when I'm with my kids. Play. Run (there's that word again). Wrestle. Build snowmen in the absolute abundance of snow sitting right outside my house. Don't sit in front of facebook all day, eating crap (like you do not even want to know what I had for lunch today).
  7. Create a scrapbook of inspiration: people who look great, things I'd love to wear when I'm thinner but can't quite pull off yet (although I do have to say I love how much shorter this list is now than it was a year ago!), fun active things I love to do like hiking and rockclimbing and rollerblading, or that I want to try, like snowboarding. Sayings that inspire me. Old pictures of me.
  8. Most importantly, take some time out for prayer and reflection in the morning. I get so stuck in the thinking that I just don't have time for this, when I know from past experience that really, I can't afford to not make time for God and myself this way. It sets the tone for my entire day, in every aspect, from eating and exercising to fulfilling my role as wife/mom/employee, to being the best mom and wife. Everything!

OK so here's what I'm gonna do, so you can check my progress, just because I know that if I think someone is watching, I'll try harder to stick to everything. ;) I'm going to put a thingie in the sidebar listing numbers 1 through 8, outlined above, and note how I'm doing. Cool? You don't have to read it every day. I just have to think you are reading it. See how that works? At least, I sure hope it works.

Because, see that bikini up there? Is it not just the cutest?! ;)

Monday, January 26, 2009

one more thing

Oh yeah, let me share this wicked-scary pic with you, just as a reminder as to where I came from:

And here's me back in October (I need more recent photos...but my camera is in a BOX), all gettin my Zumba grove on at the pre-convention bash at Alyce's Studio Zumba in Tampa:


I am not quitting blogging. I am still your trusty loveable neighboorhood Zumba-instructing, mostly-vegan, crazy lazy chica in bloggerland.

It's just, we just bought a house.

And...there are boxes. Everywhere.

They threaten me when they think I can't hear.

And so, my husband and I are fighting a war against the boxes, and it takes up all our time.

I do want to check in tonight, after class, hopefully, maybe while the hub takes a shower. So...see you later? Hopefully?

In the meantime, I have to go fight some boxes. I mean unpack. Unpack some boxes.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

Let's talk resolutions.

OK resolution time. Let's talk.

In 2008 my resolutions read thusly:

* Go vegan
* Make less of an impact on the environment
* Throw myself a huge birthday party

And my results were:

* Great for three months. OK for six more months. Miserable for the last three months. I totally blame the holidays, because my "vegan mindset", such as it is, hasn't changed. I still desperately WANT to be a good little Earth-saving, compassionate, super-humanly-healthy-and-energetic vegan.
* Pretty good! Ate out of reusable containers. Drank out of Neoprene bottles. Tried to not drive around needlessly. Turned the heat way down in the house, although that was admittedly more a wallet-friendly move than an Earth-friendly effort.
* UTTER FAIL. My 30th birthday went by almost completely unnoticed. I had huge plans in January, followed by moderate plans by March...then by June I was totally wiped out by all I'd been doing and decided a quite night in was just what I needed. So now I'm going to have to find another excuse for throwing a huge party...

AAAAND my resolutions for 2009:

*Back to the healthy vegan eating! Even if it means not eating, in the case of being somewhere with no animal-free food.
* I need to take my vitamins every day. Especially as a vegan, wherin the intake of vitamins B and D and iron can be an issue. I so suck at taking a daily pill! Which is why we always had to double up on the old BC...but that's another story...
* Weight training!! I added this to my resolutions at some point last year, but since it wasn't a big January 1st Resolution Superstar, I'm adding it here as a new one. I never followed through anyway, but this year I've got me a fun fun kettlebell, a Christmas gift to me from me.

SO! There they are. I can't wait to get back on track with the eating well, because right now I feel so cruddy. Sluggish and tired and lazy and dense and bleh.

Here's to a happy, healthy 2009!

Now, you're turn: make some resolutions. C'mon, everyone has room for improvement! ;)

PS: I would (not!) like to point out the change to the little meter up top there. A few weeks ago it read 143. It now reads 150. Yeah.

Not for long, not for long...