Tuesday, December 02, 2008


Sorry I've been neglecting you.


The good news!!! is that my new laptop!!! should be here any day!!

And then I can go back to blogging day and night without regard to normal sleeping and eating patterns.

Yahoo! was your Thanksgiving?

Mine was totally wicked! I got to teach a class early that morning (up on a stage, always my favorite way to teach!), and then I got to spend the rest of the day with my husband, our kids, and his big extended family, including his brother, and his sister and her family, who we never get to see. And the kids--all girls, God help us for all the screeching--had a great time together and the best part? I didn't have to change diapers or feed bottles or anything because I have no more babies!!!

Now, that doesn't mean I get to sit around; no, not quite yet. I still have to chase Bek around to make sure she doesn't fall (jump) in the pool or stick her head in the oven or jump off the roof or something because she is prone to that kind of Dangermouse behavior.

Still, it's all good. I'll take that in place of baby dependence. Especially when there are other babies who aren't mine who I can cuddle and smell that yummy baby smell and then pass them right back. Yay!

While I am thrilled with the holidays--LOVE family togetherness, and the peace and joy and giftgiving that fills the air these days--I am totally over the holiday nonstop eating spree!!

Anyone with me?

Dear God in heaven, please save me from my apetite.

OK so, for Thanksgiving. I didn't have to cook, because we were going over the in-laws'. But I did cook, because I knew that everything there, including the vegetables, would be floating in butter and meat and who-knows-what. So I made a couple of vegan dishes--pumpkin ziti with carmelized onions and pumpkin brownies--that came out so awesome the last time I made them that I figured they'd be a slam dunk. I figured people would be begging me for the recipe and OMG how can *I* be a vegan like *YOU*?!?!?!? because it is delicious!!!!!11!!!1!


I don't know what I did! But...but...they came out awful! I mean, they were edible, but I was going for life-changing. Certainly mouth-watering, at the very least.

But no. They were dry and bland and not even worth the cruelty-free calories. Even the brownies, in all their chocolate-pumpkin glory. Only the vegetables, which only had to be roasted in the oven, were halfway decent.

Needless to say, I had plenty to bring home. How many days has it been since Thanksgiving? I dunno...but I've barely even touched the leftovers. It's too depressing. veggie converts for me. I would have even settled for a simple justification for why I eat this way, but now my family must be seriously worrying for my sanity.

"How can she eat like that? All the time?! She must be bored out of her skull!"


Anyway, on the Zumba front: Classes are going well! I did have a this morning. Or, more specifically, my stereo had a meltdown.

I had just got to the Y, with little time to spare before class started. I put on some music to set the mood while I did my Mr. Rogers impersonation, changing into my studio sneakers. ("It's a byootiful day in the neighboorhood...")

Then I started. We did our warmup. We went into the first song. I'm all excited and nervous because! New songs to teach today!

Then I smell something. It's a smelly smell that...smells. Like burning...wires?

Then all the music cuts out of the sound coming from the stereo, leaving just the vocals.

Then it's all gone.

Me: O.o "WTF?!?!???!?"

I run to the stereo, change the iPod for a CD.


I freak out.

Run around the Y, while my class, God bless them, picks up some jump ropes to keep up the ol' heart rate. Looking for a boombox. Looking for my boss. Looking for...a sinkhole to open up under me? You know how it feels, when it's not really anything you have control over but you wanna die anyway? Ugh.

Then I run to the front desk and hello, genius, find out the studio next to us has nothing going on for that hour. So YAY! There we head and, save for a short interlude featuring me trying to work the new-to-me stereo system, we finally get on with class.

And my students, they were so great, they stuck with me the whole time. I have to say...I think I would have been outta there. Although...we are talking Zumba. That's addictive stuff. :)

So that was fun.

We're getting Beto! He's coming to Boston! He's teaching a Master class the night of Jan 23 09, and then teaching an instructor workshop the 24th and 25. SOOOOO....if you want to learn how to teach Zumba, and you're in the New England area, head up to Boston! Beto is The Man, and you want to learn from him, if you can.

If you can't make it to Boston, I hear he'll be in Maine soon afterwards. As always, check out for more information.

I have some more info I want to share with you, like a free demo class I'm giving in Sharon on January 5, but the girls are coming home any second and I have to take a pic for our Christmas cards and you know that getting a halfway decent shot of all three girls at once takes like um...forever. I'm thinking of working my mad photoshop skillz to meld three separate photos together, if it comes to that...but hopefully it won't because really? "Me" and "mad photoshop skillz" don't really correlate.

OK love you byebye.
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