Friday, November 07, 2008

pictures! and the p.s. word

OK, so, there's not, like, a ton, but here's what I have: Flickr

In other news...I actually used the words "plastic" and "surgery" in a sentence, in talking with my hubby, and he actually didn't freak the hell out. I just tried reasonably explaining the crazy things that happen to a woman's body when she has children...and gains way too much weight in the process. All he asked was whether there's something less invasive I could do instead. I said, "...Wear granny panties?!" He said, "Oh." :)

I just wish I were one of those people (ahem...who know who they are) who seem to be totally, completely free of stretch marks, and whose skin bounces miraculously back after babies, weight loss, whatever.

Now I realize, of course, that much of it is my own fault, for not being in shape until only just recently, and never drinking water or using lotion or making a habit of any of those things that might increase the elasticity of my skin.

But I'm choosing to blame heredity. ;)

So yes, the tummy tuck card has been laid on the table. Eventually I will start hinting at the boob lift as well. I once thought the cause was completely lost on my husband, but he's starting (ahem, finally) to really notice the drastic changes my body has been through and I think it's finally hitting him how frustrated I am with the parts that are only looking worse, the thinner I get.

It's not like I just want an easy ticket to thin-ville. I've worked my ass off. Seriously. And I want my body to reflect that. For my own sake, and for his; he deserves a hot wife!

And dude, it would be nice to buy clothes that actually fit everywhere, instead of having to decide if I want to have a good fit in the thighs and a loose fit in the waist, or vice versa. Because that sucks. :)
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