Wednesday, November 12, 2008

participation required

Let's talk body parts.

Body parts?

Not horror-show gore stuff. No, no, parts of your body.

Which one part of your body is your favorite?

Hey! Don't get all tense like that! I saw that. Would you rather we talk about the horror-show stuff? I know, I know, we're all raised in a world that loves to tell us how much we suck and how we'll never look like that girl or, at least, the photoshopped image of her. I know.

But put that all aside! I want to know, from each and every one of you, something about your body that you like. That you looooove.

I'll start! And I have more than one!
  1. My back. You know, I used to have--ew, I hate to say it, but--back fat. You know, those lovely rolls that display to anyone unlucky enough to see them that your favorite activity is lying around doing nothing. Which, in my case at least, was totally appropriate. But now I have a gorgeous back--strong, lined with muscles, and completely (completely?) devoid of rolls. Love it.
  2. My shoulders. Round and curvy and strong, they look so good popping out of a halter or something off-the-shoulder. Which happen to be two looks that make my husband drop whatever it is he's doing, by the way. Ahem.
  3. My calves. Once the bane of my existence, with their obnoxious insistence in being the size of most people's thighs, broader than the African savannah, they're still far from tiny but they're strong and shapely, and, most importantly, able to fit in just about any pair of knee-high socks or tall boots.
  4. My neck. When I was growing up, I loved how long my neck was. At some point that turned into a hate for how it seemed to disappear between my double chin and my fat shoulders. Now it's long and graceful again, and strong too--I actually have neck muscles. That's sexy.
  5. My booty! Now, I'm nowhere near ecstasy on the state of my ass. But it's come such a long way! It was always so big, and flat, and...big. And it started halfway up my back and melded seamlessly into the top of my ginormous thighs. Not anymore! I'm proud to say I have developed a my backside that requires the use of the word "booty" in references.
  6. The part of my leg right over my knee. Yes, my quadriceps, if you must have a proper name. Not too far up--we're not talking thigh area yet--just that part above my knees, where I've thinned out sufficiently to venture out in short skirts again and inspire awe in my husband at the beautiful muscle structure. ;) I always had muscles there that would rival a Tour du France's, always a favorite feature of the hubby, and now you can actually see them again.

SOOOOO your turn! Tell me all about the parts of you you like. Own them. Love them. Get silly with it, it's OK. Your body works hard for you, so show it some love. Show it some looove. Just...don't get arrested.

PS: Posting has been spotty, I know. The baby is sick. We're buying a house (OMG). My laptop--with all my Zumba music and iPod access!--is dead. Again. I'm a little...tense. Blogging falls by the wayside in favor of naps with the sick kid. :) You understand. xo

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