Thursday, November 06, 2008

gotta do something about that halloween banner pic...

Hey there!

Can I ask you a favor? Just from me to you?

When you comment, can you click on that little box that says something about notifying you about followup comments?

I promise, you won't get tons of emails, because really, I only get two comments per post. Three, max. And you can unsubscribe to the followups any time.

It's just...I get these great comments, and I want to talk back to you! But I can't just hit "reply"--it doesn't work! So instead, I can comment to your comment, and then your email will tell you I replied.



So more about convention.

It was so great. Are you sick of hearing me say that? Because it was so great! :) I'm going to try adding pictures here soon, but I don't have a lot, because I really don't like taking pictures.

I kind of suck at it, actually.

Really, I don't even know why I own a camera.

But anyway, I'll post what I have to my Flickr page, and you can go check them out. I have some from my friend Tamera, too. She takes way better pictures than me.

And to the person who took a picture of me with BETO?! (Ahem, Lee!) I need that picture!! :)


I told you we got to talk with Tanya and Gina, right? Yeah, I did, huh. Well, they're just awesome. So I'm mentioning it again. ;)

OK so Friday we had a big master class with Beto and all the ZES. It was so fun, just letting it all out--no having to cue, or think, or worry about that person in the back who didn't seem to be getting it...just lots and lots of Zumba! A ton of people got pulled up on stage.

I was not one of them.

I totally blame my stupid ankle, because you know otherwise I would have totally wowed everyone with my crazy dance moves. ;)

Oh, and you know how if you go to youtube and look up Zumba, that first video that comes up is with Tanya doing that Shakira song? Well, that song came on! And Beto made Tanya come up front and lead it! It was so great!!

OK that's enough for now; I have, like, stuff to do. Boring stuff, like cleaning the house. You know, I can't just sit here, talking about Zumba all day.

Well OK. You got me. I totally could.

But next time, remind me. I want to talk about a couple of things, like:

  • the difference between socializing and networking
  • how crazy jealous I was of all the mamitas that got invited to the infomercial shooting
  • being surrounded by some of the most beautiful people on the planet and still coming out liking myself
  • the insanity of trying to eat well while away, on a budget, while vegan and stuff
  • Saturday night's Zumbathon! including the excellent ZumbAtomic video

OK that should be good for now. And to hold you over until I get more, here's a pic, courtesy of Tammy:

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