Wednesday, November 12, 2008

participation required

Let's talk body parts.

Body parts?

Not horror-show gore stuff. No, no, parts of your body.

Which one part of your body is your favorite?

Hey! Don't get all tense like that! I saw that. Would you rather we talk about the horror-show stuff? I know, I know, we're all raised in a world that loves to tell us how much we suck and how we'll never look like that girl or, at least, the photoshopped image of her. I know.

But put that all aside! I want to know, from each and every one of you, something about your body that you like. That you looooove.

I'll start! And I have more than one!
  1. My back. You know, I used to have--ew, I hate to say it, but--back fat. You know, those lovely rolls that display to anyone unlucky enough to see them that your favorite activity is lying around doing nothing. Which, in my case at least, was totally appropriate. But now I have a gorgeous back--strong, lined with muscles, and completely (completely?) devoid of rolls. Love it.
  2. My shoulders. Round and curvy and strong, they look so good popping out of a halter or something off-the-shoulder. Which happen to be two looks that make my husband drop whatever it is he's doing, by the way. Ahem.
  3. My calves. Once the bane of my existence, with their obnoxious insistence in being the size of most people's thighs, broader than the African savannah, they're still far from tiny but they're strong and shapely, and, most importantly, able to fit in just about any pair of knee-high socks or tall boots.
  4. My neck. When I was growing up, I loved how long my neck was. At some point that turned into a hate for how it seemed to disappear between my double chin and my fat shoulders. Now it's long and graceful again, and strong too--I actually have neck muscles. That's sexy.
  5. My booty! Now, I'm nowhere near ecstasy on the state of my ass. But it's come such a long way! It was always so big, and flat, and...big. And it started halfway up my back and melded seamlessly into the top of my ginormous thighs. Not anymore! I'm proud to say I have developed a my backside that requires the use of the word "booty" in references.
  6. The part of my leg right over my knee. Yes, my quadriceps, if you must have a proper name. Not too far up--we're not talking thigh area yet--just that part above my knees, where I've thinned out sufficiently to venture out in short skirts again and inspire awe in my husband at the beautiful muscle structure. ;) I always had muscles there that would rival a Tour du France's, always a favorite feature of the hubby, and now you can actually see them again.

SOOOOO your turn! Tell me all about the parts of you you like. Own them. Love them. Get silly with it, it's OK. Your body works hard for you, so show it some love. Show it some looove. Just...don't get arrested.

PS: Posting has been spotty, I know. The baby is sick. We're buying a house (OMG). My laptop--with all my Zumba music and iPod access!--is dead. Again. I'm a little...tense. Blogging falls by the wayside in favor of naps with the sick kid. :) You understand. xo

Friday, November 07, 2008

pictures! and the p.s. word

OK, so, there's not, like, a ton, but here's what I have: Flickr

In other news...I actually used the words "plastic" and "surgery" in a sentence, in talking with my hubby, and he actually didn't freak the hell out. I just tried reasonably explaining the crazy things that happen to a woman's body when she has children...and gains way too much weight in the process. All he asked was whether there's something less invasive I could do instead. I said, "...Wear granny panties?!" He said, "Oh." :)

I just wish I were one of those people (ahem...who know who they are) who seem to be totally, completely free of stretch marks, and whose skin bounces miraculously back after babies, weight loss, whatever.

Now I realize, of course, that much of it is my own fault, for not being in shape until only just recently, and never drinking water or using lotion or making a habit of any of those things that might increase the elasticity of my skin.

But I'm choosing to blame heredity. ;)

So yes, the tummy tuck card has been laid on the table. Eventually I will start hinting at the boob lift as well. I once thought the cause was completely lost on my husband, but he's starting (ahem, finally) to really notice the drastic changes my body has been through and I think it's finally hitting him how frustrated I am with the parts that are only looking worse, the thinner I get.

It's not like I just want an easy ticket to thin-ville. I've worked my ass off. Seriously. And I want my body to reflect that. For my own sake, and for his; he deserves a hot wife!

And dude, it would be nice to buy clothes that actually fit everywhere, instead of having to decide if I want to have a good fit in the thighs and a loose fit in the waist, or vice versa. Because that sucks. :)

Thursday, November 06, 2008

gotta do something about that halloween banner pic...

Hey there!

Can I ask you a favor? Just from me to you?

When you comment, can you click on that little box that says something about notifying you about followup comments?

I promise, you won't get tons of emails, because really, I only get two comments per post. Three, max. And you can unsubscribe to the followups any time.

It's just...I get these great comments, and I want to talk back to you! But I can't just hit "reply"--it doesn't work! So instead, I can comment to your comment, and then your email will tell you I replied.



So more about convention.

It was so great. Are you sick of hearing me say that? Because it was so great! :) I'm going to try adding pictures here soon, but I don't have a lot, because I really don't like taking pictures.

I kind of suck at it, actually.

Really, I don't even know why I own a camera.

But anyway, I'll post what I have to my Flickr page, and you can go check them out. I have some from my friend Tamera, too. She takes way better pictures than me.

And to the person who took a picture of me with BETO?! (Ahem, Lee!) I need that picture!! :)


I told you we got to talk with Tanya and Gina, right? Yeah, I did, huh. Well, they're just awesome. So I'm mentioning it again. ;)

OK so Friday we had a big master class with Beto and all the ZES. It was so fun, just letting it all out--no having to cue, or think, or worry about that person in the back who didn't seem to be getting it...just lots and lots of Zumba! A ton of people got pulled up on stage.

I was not one of them.

I totally blame my stupid ankle, because you know otherwise I would have totally wowed everyone with my crazy dance moves. ;)

Oh, and you know how if you go to youtube and look up Zumba, that first video that comes up is with Tanya doing that Shakira song? Well, that song came on! And Beto made Tanya come up front and lead it! It was so great!!

OK that's enough for now; I have, like, stuff to do. Boring stuff, like cleaning the house. You know, I can't just sit here, talking about Zumba all day.

Well OK. You got me. I totally could.

But next time, remind me. I want to talk about a couple of things, like:

  • the difference between socializing and networking
  • how crazy jealous I was of all the mamitas that got invited to the infomercial shooting
  • being surrounded by some of the most beautiful people on the planet and still coming out liking myself
  • the insanity of trying to eat well while away, on a budget, while vegan and stuff
  • Saturday night's Zumbathon! including the excellent ZumbAtomic video

OK that should be good for now. And to hold you over until I get more, here's a pic, courtesy of Tammy:

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

blue screen of death! blue screen of death!!!

Hey y'all. There's a ton of stuff I need to get on my computer and do, like get back to your emails, post lost of fun pictures, and tell you more about what happened...but my laptop is having...issues...and I don't know when I'll get it all in. I won't keep you hanging too long, I promise! :) xoxo

Sunday, November 02, 2008

let's walk!

Well here I am. It's Sunday afternoon. Convention is over. I'm sitting in Bad Ass Coffee, sipping a super yummy soy pumpkin latte and attempting to decompress a little.

I had so much fun. I was hoping to learn a little more--it was kind of all review for anyone who has been keeping up with their ZIN volumes, dontcha think, ladies?--but it was fun, I met tons of great people, and I am going home all pumped up about Zumba all over again.

Don't get me wrong. There were negatives.

There were negatives about the convention itself, but that's to be expected with a company's very first ever convention, especially with over a thousand people attending. I'll get into those when I fill out the survey.

Then there were issues.

Remember when you were in high school, or junior high, and there were the popular kids, and the not-so-popular kids, and the outsiders?

Same thing here! Except...worse, because aren't we supposed to get over all that clique-y stuff by the time we graduate high school?


I don't really want to go into detail because um...this is supposed to be kind of a career move for me and I don't want to burn bridges, y'know? But I will say this to those people who were nasty, mean, judgemental, rude, uncaring, or just plain ignorant:


Whew, got that off my chest. ;) I've been carrying around a little bit of a chip all weekend about all the people who thought they were so much better than everyone else, especially since Zumba is supposed to be all about family, and Zumba love, and supporting each other...

OK, deep breath. Back to the fun stuff.

So OK--I got in on Wednesday and didn't have much to do except, well, whatever the hell I wanted, which is kind of a rare thing for me, what with the hubby, three kids, and two jobs and all. So of course I went shopping! And then I went out to eat at a restaurant that doesn't have a childrens menu! and then I went and got my ear pierced! (in a very painful to come but I'll tell you this, the guy came at me with that giant needle like the knife-wielding guy in Psycho and if I could just get the sound of it popping through my ear out of my head? I would be a happy happy girl.)

Then at 11pm on Wednesday Lee got there!! For those of you not in the know (and really, why would you know? are you stalking me?!) Lee is my very good friend who also teaches Zumba...way on the other end of the country. How we met is a great story, so maybe I'll tell you one day, but we've been looking forward to spending time together for so long and...and...Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Anyway...Lee got in and we ate and crashed and woke up with the beautiful sunrise! Really, if you've been to Florida, you've seen how very flat it all is, which maybe isn't surprising if you live in the Midwest or something, but Lee and I both come from places with mountains and ocean and stuff and it was a little weird. I swear the sun comes up a little earlier when there's nothing blocking it.

So that was Thursday. I couldn't tell you what we did all day except OH YEAH, go into Walgreens about a million times for various things, including a brace for my ankle, which apparently decided to rebel against the three-hour walk I took the night before in nothing but ballet flats.

Seriously. Killed my foot. Haven't been injured in a year, and Zumba convention comes and bam! I'm almost out of commision for the entire weekend. Thank God for ankle braces, good supportive sneakers, and a redheaded resistance to pain and stubborness to admit what pain there is. My motto this weekend was "Suck it up and call the doctor when I get home." ;) I was so mad at myself! I had all these dreams of impressing the ZESs with my fantastic, outta sight moves so they'd pull me up on stage! and I'd be on a ZIN volume! or the next informercial! Something, please, just give me attention!!! and all I end up doing is hobbling around like the hunchback of Notre Dame.

Oh. Crap. I only have 8 minutes left on here...

OK so Thursday night was the Preconvention Zumba Bash at Alyce Howard's Studio Zumba in Palm Bay so we went and had an excellent time. The instructors who got to show off their choreography were so good, and it was great seeing new stuff and getting new ideas. I had lots of favorites, but my all-time favorite set was the one with the two girls, who co-teach. They're so full of energy, and the way they work together? Incredible! It actually had me entertaining thoughts of co-teaching myself, lone wolf that I am. So good!

Then Friday we got to register. That day, or was it Thursday? we ran into Tanya Beardsley--who you know I love--and Gina Grant, who, now, I also love. They were getting ready for convention, ripping apart armbands and stuff, and they stopped to talk to us. They are so stinkin cute, and nice to boot, which is so much more that so many of the other people we met...but that goes into that area I said I wouldn't talk about. ;)

Um then was the halloween bash. SO FUN and I'll post pics after I get home. At some point.

Then Saturday was workshops. They were...OK...but that's stuff for the survey. Aren't you glad you're on a need-to-know basis? ;)

Saturday night was the Zumbathon which was OMG SO FUN too. (I'm starting to sound like a valley girl, I do realize this.)

TOday was fun too but I"m going to have to tell you later because eek I rented 30 minutes and it is UP!!!

OK so more later. xoxoxo

Convention over; my friends are leavin.