Wednesday, October 15, 2008

and for evidence as to why blogging at quarter to midnight is a bad idea, we present exhibit a...

Had a great class this morning! Not sure why. I was a total mess!

My hair looked like crap.

I wore this humongous tank top in a vain effort to disguise the fact that I was so bloated I looked five months pregnant.

I forgot deodorant. Nice. I didn't realize it til we got to the Y so I quickly turned the car around and sped to the nearest gas station, only to discover it to be the only gas station/convenience store in America that doesn't carry emergency toiletries, so after a quick inner dialogue (run home to get deodorant only to be very late for class? ask someone if they'd share? no, that's gross...) and a quick check of emergency supplies at the front desk (nuthin! Good to know I'm not the only one who forgets to put on deodorant, for cryin...) I went with the "warn the class not to get too close, and escape as soon as class is over" option.


All I had for breakfast was...wait, did I eat before class? I woke up so late I might have forgotten.

So yes, I was such a mess this morning. But still, we had a great class!

Part of it is just this group of women (and the occasional guy. Why don't guys take group exercise classes? That's a-whole-nother blog post...). They are I know I've written about this particular class before, aka my favorite class of the whole week, but I'll say it again. They're my favorite class of the whole week!!! I wish I could teach this group every day, seriously.

So, I taught a few new songs, right? And they were kind of different, and I made up the choreography myself, so of course it just sucked...OK, I'm kidding, but I'm no super choreo master, so it was adequate but not totally over the moon. And as usual I only ever practiced the stuff in the car, while, like, driving and stuff, whereas most people would get out of the car and practice on their feet before trying it out in class.

(You so don't want to meet up with me on the road when I'm car-dancing. Can you picture it? Crazy white girl jammin to the Latin rhythms while maneuvering a 3800-pound minivan through traffic at 85mph 65mph and passing juice boxes to the two-year-old in the back...eyes on the road at all times, of course...)

But my class whooped it up, ate up everything I threw at them, as usual, and reminded me of how thankful I am to be able to teach and how sick it is that I get paid to do it. :)

Sick, I tell you!

Next time: my review at the Y, and finding a way out of the other job, if it kills me.
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