Wednesday, September 03, 2008

good thing i have chocolate, or i might be in a bad mood or something.

My day is...well, it's not really going how I'd maybe like it to go. Here's how I wanted it to go:
  1. get up early, before hubby leaves for work, have a cup of coffee and watch the news before the kids get up
  2. get the kids ready for school with no huge drama, fights over who is wearing what, or rushing to get stuff ready last-minute. (So far, this is the only part of my day that has actually happened the way I wanted it to. I don't hold such high expectations for the rest of the school year--I know better. I'll take what I can get though!)
  3. Drive to my first Zumba class, my favorite of the whole week, and rock out with my girls to a bunch of great new music.
  4. Drive to my next Zumba class and teach a fun, all-request last class at that particular time slot
  5. come home, put Bek in for a nap, and hit the sack myself for an hour or two before getting ready for work tonight
So far, this is what has actually happened:
  1. woke up after hubby left, to the joyous shrieking of my two-year-old, who has apparently figured out how to escape her crib and thought that pouncing on me in my bed at 6:30 am would be fun.
  2. kids off to school ok--CHECK!
  3. got stuck in major traffic on the way to favoritest zumba class, wound up fifteen minutes late and, once again for like the 50th time, in serious debt to one of my instructor friends, who kindly started the class without me. Missed teaching some of the great songs I'd been up til 2am preparing and practicing. Missed the rock-out-loud warmup song I was SO looking forward to.
  4. Got to my second Zumba class with huge migraine, only to have ONE person there for Zumba class. Apparently someone told everyone the last Wednesday afternoon class was LAST week. Advised by boss to cut class to half an hour. So, drove an hour and a half round trip to teach a half-hour class to one person. But! Got paid for entire hour.
  5. Put Bek in for nap only to listen to her talk to herself for an hour, then pop out of bed again, like the little Curious George she is.
So...not a BAD day. Just tiring. So I put Bek back to bed with a full bottle of milk (bribery!) and now that things seem quiet, I'm heading to my bed. Cuz, in case you didn't do the math, asleep at 2am + woken up at 6:30 am = four and a half hours of sleep. And I of a grouch, really, without my sleep. Nobody wants a grouch.
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