Sunday, September 28, 2008

big pimpin'

Did you know I have another blog? I bet you didn't, because for a long time I wasn't posting anything over there, but now I am and you should go.

Tragically Unhip

You won't find a link back over here, because I don't want, like, my poor brother or dad stumbling over here from there and happening on my weight loss pictures because I'm pretty sure they can live their whole entire lives without seeing that kind of stuff...but I will link there from here because that's where I talk about the non-Zumba part of my life.

Which, you know, is probably why I don't post there much. ;)

But no! I talk about my kids and how cute they are, and how much I love coffee and Johnny Depp movies, and sometimes my hot hubby gets a mention, although he doesn't want me getting too specific there. When I'm feeling better from this miserable disgusting cold that I just got yesterday, all all-of-a-sudden-like, I'll post over there about the retreat I went on this weekend. Zumba was involved...but not, like, mainly. There was other stuff too. (RAIN!)(Obnoxious cabinmates!)(Endless cups of tea!)

But right now I'm feeling kind of like...well I just went through my repertoire of words that adequately describe how I'm feeling and none of them are appropriate--I know some of you have little kids reading over your shoulders!--so let's just say I'm off to bed after a serious dose of NyQuil.

...Dude man. I JUST got over saying how great it is that I exercise all time, that I never get sick anymore...
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