Sunday, September 28, 2008

big pimpin'

Did you know I have another blog? I bet you didn't, because for a long time I wasn't posting anything over there, but now I am and you should go.

Tragically Unhip

You won't find a link back over here, because I don't want, like, my poor brother or dad stumbling over here from there and happening on my weight loss pictures because I'm pretty sure they can live their whole entire lives without seeing that kind of stuff...but I will link there from here because that's where I talk about the non-Zumba part of my life.

Which, you know, is probably why I don't post there much. ;)

But no! I talk about my kids and how cute they are, and how much I love coffee and Johnny Depp movies, and sometimes my hot hubby gets a mention, although he doesn't want me getting too specific there. When I'm feeling better from this miserable disgusting cold that I just got yesterday, all all-of-a-sudden-like, I'll post over there about the retreat I went on this weekend. Zumba was involved...but not, like, mainly. There was other stuff too. (RAIN!)(Obnoxious cabinmates!)(Endless cups of tea!)

But right now I'm feeling kind of like...well I just went through my repertoire of words that adequately describe how I'm feeling and none of them are appropriate--I know some of you have little kids reading over your shoulders!--so let's just say I'm off to bed after a serious dose of NyQuil.

...Dude man. I JUST got over saying how great it is that I exercise all time, that I never get sick anymore...

Thursday, September 25, 2008

i need classes!

OK so by some miracle of mindless spending, I have very little cash for my trip to Florida.

That's not good.

I have lots of things to buy! Lots of fun things to do! Lots of tequila shots to do with fellow instructors! souvenirs to buy for my family!

So is anyone looking for a good Zumba instructor? I'm friendly, dependable, and I play well with others. I'm open to teaching in gyms, YMCAs, corporate settings, schools...basically anywhere with a sound system and space for lots of shakin' bon bons.


I gotta tell you about my pants! I went into Target, sincerely for the sole purpose of grabbing something quick for lunch at work that day.

They didn't have anything I was looking for. Nothing frozen and veganish.

But! They did have jeans. So...I picked up some size 8s. I figured I would just try some on. Just to see. I went into the dressing room.

Tried them on.

and OMG! They fit!


Not only did they fit, but they looked hot. I looked hot.

I started to cry. Right there in the dressing room. Just a little. Told myself I had to hold it together, the dressing room people would hear me and besides, crying? in Target?

But OMG it was al I could do to hold it in as I paid for my pants and walked to the car.

Do you know how long it has been since I've been a size 8? Ten years.

Since before I had children. All my adult life.

So I started the car and drove off to Zumba class.

...still doing ok...still doing ok...

...still keeping cool...


Then I broke down. SOBBING. in the car.


I was mourning all the time I've wasted being fat. I was apologizing to myself for feeling like I was worth less because I was fat. I was remembering that night, years ago, when I sat in front of this very screen, typing on this very blog about how miserable it was to be invisible to other people--to smile at people and be friendly only to be ignored--because I was fat.

But most of all I was thankful, pouring out in my tears the thanks I felt to God for Zumba, for bringing it to me, for the first class I went to, for the opportunities that presented themselves all this time, for me to take classes and eventually teach, and then teach more and more until I couldn't help but lose the weight.

I'm happy to say I collected myself before getting in a major tear-duct-induced accident on the way to class. And I felt cleansed. Getting thin doesn't solve all the problems that being fat starts, but the nice, slow method of my weight loss has given me a lot of time to reflect and think and pray, and solve some of my issues along the way.

Anyway, I wore those jeans to work last night, and let's just say I caused a few double takes. Not what matters most in the world, but dang, it felt good! ;)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

i really cannot believe i'm telling you this...

I have a problem.

In all my life, through even my teenage years, it has never been a problem before.

But now--now that I'm teaching Zumba six days a week and, I'll admit, sometimes go a little bit before I can hit the showers, but hey, some of my classes are back-to-back!--it has finally...ahem...popped up.

I have...

I have...

I have backne.

You know, backne? The dreaded pimples that pop up on your back, totally unbeknownst to you because you never actually think to, like, look back there until you get an itch and you scratch only to discover--gasp! ew! gross!--you just scratched a seriously ginormous zit.



So! My post-Zumba shower this morning--taken approximately five seconds after getting in the door and getting Bek occupied--consisted of me contorting myself in previously impossible ways, madly scrubbing myself pink with a pouf full of scrubbing body wash.

The good news is that discovering the dreaded backne has made me face up the the fact that I really don't take very good care of my skin. I don't, like, forget to bathe or cut myself, or anything serious. I just kind ignore it. Take it for granted. Hey, it's always going to be there, right?

I'm thinking I never took the time before because doing so meant scrubbing and exfoliating and lotioning and, really, all that stuff meant getting a little more up-close-and-personal with my ever-increasing surface area.

But now that my body now at least kind of resembles what it should look like, and not some distorted, blown-out-of-proportion semblance of human, and I actually like looking at myself--hey, I've come a long way!--maybe I can take the time to treat my skin the way it deserves to be treated.

Soooo, right now as I type, my skin is all sparkly-clean and smells like peppermint. I scrubbed away all the rough stuff (ok, listen. Zumba is rough on the feet, OK?) and I feel like I just got out of the spa. I could get used to that feeling!

And do I even need to go into the benefits of having skin soft enough for someone to touch? Hmmm, I don't think so...

Sunday, September 14, 2008

I'm off to work in fifteen minutes and my laptop is just about to die, but I wanted to pop in and say hi.

And oh yeah, here's a healthy breakfast that will give you lots of energy for Zumba class:

Heat one cup of water to a boil in a small saucepan. Add 1/2 cup of quick-cook oatmeal. NOT instant oatmeal. The real stuff. While it's cooking, add a packed of stevia, or whatever sweetener you like to use. Sugar or honey would be good too, although you might want to wait to add honey until after it cooks.

Cook the oatmeal, blah blah blah. When it's done, add a tablespoon of cocoa (unsweetened, now, be good. You know full well I didn't mean the instant hot chocolate you have hiding in your cabinet.) and a tablespoon of peanut butter. Cut in a banana. Stir and eat. Yum! Tasty and easy as all heck.

Monday, September 08, 2008

if you're looking to Zumba in MA...

Hey everyone: Couple of big Zumba events coming up:

If you don't know what Zumba is (you poor, deprived soul), get yourself to the Natick Mall this Friday from 7 to 10 pm, where Ann Saldi, regional Zumba Education Specialst, is throwing a huge Zumba demonstration.

Betcha didn't think I could use the word Zumba so many times in one sentence!

So yeah, get yourself there. I'll be there...if I can get someone to cover my shift at the OTHER job. It's gonna be great!

Second, if you're a member of the Hockomock YMCA--that's the North Attleboro, Franklin, and Foxboro branches--or if you're a member of the Attleboro Y, be sure to catch the Zumba Master class at the Franklin branch on Thursday, September 18, from 6 to 8pm. All your favorite instructors will be there--and so will I. :) Childcare is available until 8pm. If you are NOT a member, you can get a day pass for $10 at the desk. Get there early--it's gonna be packed!

Zumba love,

Kimberly :*

ps That picture has nothing to do with Zumba. I just wanted to share. :)

Saturday, September 06, 2008

it's coming!

So, the first-ever Zumba Instructor Convention is next month.


The husband and I were just talking about it, planning my budget and stuff. How much I'd need for food (hee), Zumba wear (hee hee), fun money (hee! hee!), and other stuff (heheheheeee!!!) and I just couldn't take it anymore. I had to sit down.


Part of me--a very little, tiny, underdeveloped part--feels guilty for leaving my family. I won't be home for Halloween, one of my favorite days of the year.

But then? I get over it. :) And I promised the kids I would throw them a halloween party the weekend before I left, so they're dealing. Actually, they're poring over the Oriental Trading catalog as we speak, picking out all the stuff they want. Which includes, let's see...everything, and...everything...

I am so excited to learn more about Zumba. So excited to grow as an instructor. So excited to meet everyone I see around the message board and in the choreography videos. So excited to spend five days with Lee!

I do wish more of the instructors I knew personally were going. It would have been fun to rent a big ol' room with three or four other girls. And I know all my instructor-friends wanted to go; there were just things that got in the way. But...maybe they'll want to take my classes while I'm gone... ;)

Anyone have suggestions for a Halloween costume for while I'm down there? I already know what I want to go as...just thought I'd ask for your ideas anyway. You never know, there's still time for me to change my mind. :)

What are YOU all up to?

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

good thing i have chocolate, or i might be in a bad mood or something.

My day is...well, it's not really going how I'd maybe like it to go. Here's how I wanted it to go:
  1. get up early, before hubby leaves for work, have a cup of coffee and watch the news before the kids get up
  2. get the kids ready for school with no huge drama, fights over who is wearing what, or rushing to get stuff ready last-minute. (So far, this is the only part of my day that has actually happened the way I wanted it to. I don't hold such high expectations for the rest of the school year--I know better. I'll take what I can get though!)
  3. Drive to my first Zumba class, my favorite of the whole week, and rock out with my girls to a bunch of great new music.
  4. Drive to my next Zumba class and teach a fun, all-request last class at that particular time slot
  5. come home, put Bek in for a nap, and hit the sack myself for an hour or two before getting ready for work tonight
So far, this is what has actually happened:
  1. woke up after hubby left, to the joyous shrieking of my two-year-old, who has apparently figured out how to escape her crib and thought that pouncing on me in my bed at 6:30 am would be fun.
  2. kids off to school ok--CHECK!
  3. got stuck in major traffic on the way to favoritest zumba class, wound up fifteen minutes late and, once again for like the 50th time, in serious debt to one of my instructor friends, who kindly started the class without me. Missed teaching some of the great songs I'd been up til 2am preparing and practicing. Missed the rock-out-loud warmup song I was SO looking forward to.
  4. Got to my second Zumba class with huge migraine, only to have ONE person there for Zumba class. Apparently someone told everyone the last Wednesday afternoon class was LAST week. Advised by boss to cut class to half an hour. So, drove an hour and a half round trip to teach a half-hour class to one person. But! Got paid for entire hour.
  5. Put Bek in for nap only to listen to her talk to herself for an hour, then pop out of bed again, like the little Curious George she is.
So...not a BAD day. Just tiring. So I put Bek back to bed with a full bottle of milk (bribery!) and now that things seem quiet, I'm heading to my bed. Cuz, in case you didn't do the math, asleep at 2am + woken up at 6:30 am = four and a half hours of sleep. And I of a grouch, really, without my sleep. Nobody wants a grouch.