Tuesday, August 19, 2008

this is what's known as a "shiner"

This is my shiner. 30 years old, and I finally get my first one. I'm so proud. :)

The fabulous black eye you see here is courtesy of my two-year-old, who hit me with her head while we were playing. (I tried telling people I got in a fight, but no one freakin believes me! So much for upping my street cred...)

She was lying next to me in bed, when she sat up. I thought (silly me!) that she was done playing so I moved my head to where she was, when KA-BLAMMMM!! she threw herself backward with a force wielded exclusively by fearless two-year-olds, leaving her mother seeing stars, for realz.

In this pic it's a day old. You should have seen me yesterday. And I can't wait till it starts turning green! I'll have to wear matching eye shadow or something. It'll be a "look". :)

Aaaannyway, I wanted to come say hi, because I've been neglecting you. I know I've been neglecting you because my internet browser doesn't even prompt me with the blogger website address anymore. It has forgotten you. :( But no more!

OK, well, not for today, anyway. I'm still in summertime blog slump mode.

(Not for long though...two weeks til school starts! I can't decide whether to laugh or cry. Kind of a disappointing summer, this. It better not rain between now and school...)

Oh, I wanted to give you an update on the preconvention challenge! Here's the old stats, as I wrote them in the first post on the subject, and now:

Waist now: 31
Waist then: 37
Waist 8.18.08: 30!

Hips now: 42
Hips then: 47
Hips 8.18.08: 39! (OK, OK, 39 and a half.)

Upper arms now: 12
Upper arms then: 13.5 (this number is the biggest pain--it never moves except to go up. After I started taking Zumba classes it went up to 14 from my enormous guns)
Upper arms 8.18.08: 12 (grrrrrrrrrr)

Thigh now: 24
Thigh then: 28
Thigh 8.18.08: 23

so YAY! I'm all excited. I'm down to 144, which is cool but not quite up to the pace I wanted to keep, in order to get to a size 6 before convention. No worries though.

OK, enough of that, what else, what else...

OH yeah! Right now I am supposed to be studying new choreography. The stuff we just got is awesome and I can't wait til I can take it into my classes, hence my being up at 1 am learning it. So...I'm going to do that right now. Right after I make some coffee.

How are you all doin? Those of you who are going to the workshop on the 23rd: Have a great time! I wish I could be there to see you! xoxo and see you in class!
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