Thursday, July 03, 2008

happy 4th!

I know, I know. I owe you a review of the new Zumba clothes I bought. But I really wanted to get a good shot of them to show you, and since the pictures I took in my bathroom mirror kind of suck, I'm going to work on getting some pictures at the gym.

But let me say this: you need to get yourself some Zumba cargo pants. They're sooooo comfy. You'll forget you're wearing pants. And you know, maybe that's a problem for you, maybe you frequently forget to wear pants, in which case you might want to skip these pants so you remember how wearing pants feels. But for the rest of us, these pants are so worth checking out! Love them.

And the Zumba V-neck bra! Wooo, cleavage! I needed to buy a smaller size, but they were sold out. I'm keeping it anyway for practicing around the house though. husband likes it. ;)

So, size 8, huh?! I'm so excited. Although that picture I took last post was in Target. I tried on two pairs of Mossimo jeans in a size 8, and they both fit great, but I didn't buy them because--well, not that it matters, but one was too long and one was too light. Then I went to Old Navy and totally deflated because there I tried on 8s in, oh I dunno, 60 or 70 different styles, and none of them fit.

They were close, though. So, you know, that counts for something. I got them just wouldn't want to see me out in them. ;) The good news is, once upon a time that's what I was saying about my size 12s!


Hey, how are your Zumba shoes (or, you know, the shoes you wear for whatever your workout)?

Someone on the Zumba message board was saying that for an instructor teaching 3 hour-long classes a week, one pair of sneakers should last 3 to 4 months before the support is insufficient, and as we all know, worn-out sneakers can cause pain through the whole body.

3 to 4 months. For an instructor teaching 3 hours a week.

I teach 9 classes a week.

My Zumba shoes are nine months old. Possibly even 10. I have to double check. No wonder my legs have been bothering me lately! Duh.


I'm watching Zumba Abs, from the '08 DVD set. To be more specific, I'm sitting on my butt, eating way too many peanut butter-filled pretzels, lounging on the couch, watching Zumba Abs. I'm trying to memorize a couple of the Abs routines so I can use them in class (awww yeah, you guys, can't wait). Now, I do realize that I'd learn the routines much faster if I were up, you know, doing them. But I've just got so many excuses!

I just ate.
I have cramps.
It's late.
I taught two classes today.
I just did this video last week.
I'm blogging right now.
I just showered.
I'm not wearing shoes.
The floor has toys all over it.

Wah wah wah wah wah wah!

So I'll just watch it a few more times. Then it's off to bed and hopefully while I'm sleeping, the routines will miraculously fuse to my brain.

Happy fourth!


Have you seen my head wrap? You know, the one with the skulls on it that I wear to like every freakin class? I can't find it!!! I know I left it behind somewhere...I just don't remember where... Wah!!!
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