Friday, July 18, 2008

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I should really *yawn*, really *stretch*, be in bed right now.

In five hours and fifteen minutes I am going to wake up to the lovely sound of my cell phone alarm. Then I will have approximately half an hour to wake up two of my children and get them dressed, get myself dressed, pack snacks and water, and drive us all to our favorite hiking spot so we can "climb the mountain," as my kids say.

It's one of our favorite things to do together, and we haven't been in forever, and I haven't had much quality time with the older two girls since summer vacation started a MONTH ago. Most of our time together is spent driving from one Zumba class, where they sit in childwatch, to another class, where they sit in childwatch. Then we go home and the older two play together while the baby and I take a two hour nap. Then it's time for me to go off to my other job.

What a great summer vacation!

I'm not complaining--well, OK, maybe I am. If I didn't have to keep my other job, I could just Zumba and play with my kids and play with my hubby and do housework and I would totally be happy with that.

That's the goal...and I'm praying it's not too far away because I don't think I can go on like this much longer.

But anyway, I didn't come here to complain. :) I came here to...

Well, I guess I came here to procrastinate getting ready for tomorrow, because getting ready for tomorrow means doing things like laundry--shudder, cringe--and looking for clothes for everyone. And packing food, which is just so fun the day before grocery day!

Um...I think I lost my train of thought. Where was I going?

Anyway...hey. Speaking of procrastinating. You know that dang lolcatz site? You probably do, right, because I'm the last to learn about anything. Well, I knew it existed, but I never checked it out because I didn't really get it. Then someone on the Zumba message board mentioned how funny it was so I went over to the site and all I have to say is OMGz!! Teh kittehs r in mai hed, eatin teh brane cellz. I wasted, like two hours on that dang site between yesterday and today! Too much lolspeak gives me a headache (Hello old lady. Just put me in the retirement home now. GET OFF MY LAWN! Dang kids.) But oh.The cuteness. Oh, the cuteness.

All right, all right already. I'm going to get something done, then I'm going to get some sleep. Get off my case, jeez. :)
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