Tuesday, July 08, 2008


...and only 10 pounds to go until the BMI chart says I'm no longer overweight.

How crazy is that?!? Ten pounds? That's nuthin!!

Doin a happy dance...doin a happy dance...

It's quarter of one in the morning, and I am sitting in front of the TV, watching the Zumba Abs workout for the zillionth time so I can actually bring it to my classes like I keep saying I'm going to. I just can't seem to learn it! It's not even the whole workout--I only have two of the songs so I only need to remember two of the routines. But I can't do it!

...Not that my powers of retention are at their most potent at 1 am...

Only 114 days til I fly down to Orlando. Actually, it being 1 in the morning and all, I guess that makes it 113 days. I'm all excited-face at the thought. Still have to find my halloween costume. There just isn't that much demand for that sort of thing this time of year...

Oh, OK...I'm starting to see swimming spots. That usually means it's time for bed. Some people have set bedtimes--I just stay up til I can't see straight.
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