Monday, July 28, 2008

the lazy chica's blog post / getting to a size 6

OK, so, I came home from work tonight and no one shut my laptop down so it's like a thousand degrees and too hot to touch for long, so I'm just gonna take the lazy way out and cut and paste some stuff from an email between me and a friend and call it a blog post. :) You still love me right?

Hey more about my day: so like I said, my first class today was great. This one woman came through the hall where we all wait for the previous class to get out before we can go into the studio. She seemed to know everyone so she stopped to chat on her way from dropping her kids off at camp and on her way up to the treadmill. One of the women convinced her to try Zumba. At first she was all, “NOooo, I see you in that class, you all are all coordinated and I see you come OUT of that class (meaning sweaty and smiling like fools, I guess?)…nah, I’ll just go run…” But the already-loves-Zumba woman told her she herself wasn’t always able to do all the moves and that if she, the running lady, wanted to try it and didn’t like it, she could always leave.

So the woman (Crap. I forgot her name already. It was a pretty name. I suck at that stuff.) took the class. Was completely uncoordinated. I tried helping her from the front but it didn’t look like she was having much fun. Kept expecting her to leave. But then! After class she comes to me with the RADIANT LOOK OF ZUMBA GLORY and said, “I loved it! Thank you SO MUCH!” So…another one bites the dust for Zumba. (HAHAHA my grammar-check is telling me to ditch the tired euphemism of “bites the dust” and just say “dies.” Smart-ass computer. )

Cool, right? I just love that! See, I've told you before. You only need to try Zumba once. It sucks you in! In other news: (see, once I get typing I can never really leave soon. Laptop-scorched flesh or no.) I've decided I need to ramp up my efforts on the pre-convention challenge. I've been slacking. I'm supposed to be doing Zumba Abs every day, or something ridiculous like that.

I've been doing ONE song from the DVD in my classes almost every day--to mixed response, I'm not sure everyone likes it much; maybe it's too much like work and not enough like fun. I love it, anyway, but I love anything Zumba--but I really really want to be as DOWN as possible in the whole size area once Orlando comes. Or, rather, once
I come to Orlando. Not that I'm not happy with how far I've come--I am, I am!--it's mostly about wanting an excuse to buy LOTS OF CUTE NEW CLOTHES.

Like, OMG, do any of you shop at Forever 21? I've never been inside one of the stores--the name totally turned me off. What the hell do I want to be 21 forever for?--but I just checked out the website last night, kind of as a result of a random search for online clothing shops. Can I just say: CHEAP! and CUTE! and....CHEAP! And now that I might actually
fit into some of their clothes, I want to go take my allowance for the entire month of August and go straight to the nearest mall. I might even hit up H&M while I'm there. (CHEAP! and CUTE! and...EUROPEAN!) And then of course there are the shoes. Because if you buy new clothes, you need new shoes to go with, right? And I know just what I want.

First I want to go to the mall and buy lots of cute short dresses and skirts, because it's been oh, say, 6 years since I've been able to wear short skirts. Then I want to buy lots of boots and cute maryjanes. Then I want to buy lots of cute socks to go with them. Then I want to walk around in my short-dress-big-boot-tall-scrunchy-sock combos until some little 6-year-old comes up to me and asks me for her clothes back. :)

Sigh...if there is one thing I'm good at, it's (Zumba!) losing my train of thought while blogging.

Oh yeah! SO! In order to be in such dire need of new clothes that my hubby breaks down and hands over the bank card, I need to be...a size 6. And in order to be a size 6, I need to lose about...20 pounds. Between now and conference. I have...13 weeks to do this. Can I lose 20 pounds in 13 weeks? I'm not sure! The first 13 weeks of this year I lost ten pounds. I need to double that. And in order to do that, I need to start doing some things I haven't yet, and stop doing other things that have kind of crept in since the beginning of the year. I need to:
  • DRINK MORE WATER! Seriously, I drink barely enough to stay alive.
  • Start 2 to 3 weight sessions a week, ideally in a Body Pump-type class, rather than in the weight room, since I'll be more likely to stick with it that way.
  • Take once Pilates and one Yoga class a week, or do one video of each a week. For this one, I'm more likely to do the video than take the class.
  • Do more fun, activity-type stuff with the kids. This, of course, is beneficial on lots of levels.
  • Lay off the caffeine. I'll go for tea instead of coffee...for a few months, anyway.
  • Suck it up and buy the better, more expensive peanut butters, pasta sauces, etc., with no added sugar.
  • Eat more veggies and (grumble grumble) fruit. I don't know when it became so painful to put a piece of dang fruit in my mouth, for cryin out loud. When did it become that I would rather eat a carrot than an apple?!
I need to NOT:
  • Eat so many processed, sugary foods. No HFCS, that tool of the devil.
  • Be "a vegan...except for special exceptions." No more brownies, cookies, milk chocolate, etc. on and on. I don't know how much this has contributed to my weight loss slowdown, but really, I shouldn't be eating that kind of junk anyway, and telling people I'm vegan doesn't really work when they catch me scarfing down brownies in the break room. Lame!
  • Stay up so late doing stuff like blogging when I should be sleeping. Sleep is good for the waistline.
It's going to be hard! But I know I can do it! 20 pounds! 13 weeks! Just for the record, I'm at 146 now. So 20 pounds down will put me at 126, lower than I was when I graduated high school, 12 years ago. And I haven't been a size 6 since junior high. Maybe freshman year of high school. So we'll see. But I'm confident, I'm having fun, I have Zumba, and I know I can do it.

This is the longest lazy blogger post evah.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Things I should be doing right now:
  1. Sleeping.
Things I actually am doing right now:
  1. Blogging.
  2. Painting my fingernails (glow in the dark!).
  3. Making coffee--a soy honey latte. I know--vegans aren't supposed to eat honey. I just can't sympathize with the plight of the bumblebee.
  4. Doing laundry, so I can choose what to wear to Zumba classes tomorrow, instead of just wearing whatever doesn't reek of sweat. Mmmmm.
  5. Importing some new music into iTunes.
  6. Preparing a new CD for tomorrow's classes.
  7. Listening to the new ZIN Megamix.
  8. Thinking about a snack.
  9. Hanging my kids' artwork around the house. They're so gonna be famous artists one day. No pressure though. ;)
  10. Putting important things on the grocery board, like fluff and expensive chocolate.
  11. Browsing houses online because OMG we just got our preapproval back! Wheeee!
  12. Realizing we can't buy much house.... ;)
  13. Checking the Zumba message board
  14. Obsessing about the present my hubby bought me. He won't tell me what it is but I'm hoping it's these. Or these. Or these. Or, you know, these or these or these* or, um, these. Really, I'm not picky. :) But he said it was something I "asked for without really asking", which, for all I can figure, is either Zumba shoes... or a bikini. ;) It should come tomorrow. My hubby is great at the little things (letting me sleep in on Saturdays, for one...) but he never surprises me with unexpected presents--he's too thrifty. I'll be waiting to ambush the UPS man...
  15. Catching up on emails.
  16. Pulling out bread from the freezer to make lots of PB&Js for tomorrow's ZUMBA PARTY!
  17. Cleaning the kitchen.
  18. Looking for halloween costumes online. Can someone please inform these people that it is high time to get in this year's selection?! I mean, next month the stores will start getting Christmas stuff!! Jeez!
Oooh! I have a couple of funny things to tell you:
  1. Apparently I've earned the reputation, at least in one place I teach, as "the girl who works our abs really hard." LOVE that! xD
  2. Lots of fitness instructors don't wear underwear when they teach. Or, like, ever. Just thought I'd share that so you can wonder about your own instructor. Does she or doesn't she? LOL and just so you know, I never go without. I just can't. Although, if I did...would I tell you? ;)
  3. Remember this post, wherein I professed my love for Amy's Kitchen's vegan veggie pizza? Well, I copied the post and emailed Amy's Kitchen with the letter part. Yeah, I know, I'm a big dork. But guess what? A woman from Amy's Kitchen IMd me and told me she loved the blog and gave me a few places where I can grab individual-sized Amy's pizzas, so, you know, I don't have to eat the entire thing all at once. That cracked me up! Still no free pizza though...
OK, OK, I really have to sign off here. It's quarter of one, which is pretty much when my brain turns back into a pumpkin.
*Seriously--Rocket Dog has to STOP MAKING SHOES. It's very bad for my wallet. will be, one day, when I have money.

Friday, July 18, 2008

enter funny title here

funny pictures
more cat pictures

I should really *yawn*, really *stretch*, be in bed right now.

In five hours and fifteen minutes I am going to wake up to the lovely sound of my cell phone alarm. Then I will have approximately half an hour to wake up two of my children and get them dressed, get myself dressed, pack snacks and water, and drive us all to our favorite hiking spot so we can "climb the mountain," as my kids say.

It's one of our favorite things to do together, and we haven't been in forever, and I haven't had much quality time with the older two girls since summer vacation started a MONTH ago. Most of our time together is spent driving from one Zumba class, where they sit in childwatch, to another class, where they sit in childwatch. Then we go home and the older two play together while the baby and I take a two hour nap. Then it's time for me to go off to my other job.

What a great summer vacation!

I'm not complaining--well, OK, maybe I am. If I didn't have to keep my other job, I could just Zumba and play with my kids and play with my hubby and do housework and I would totally be happy with that.

That's the goal...and I'm praying it's not too far away because I don't think I can go on like this much longer.

But anyway, I didn't come here to complain. :) I came here to...

Well, I guess I came here to procrastinate getting ready for tomorrow, because getting ready for tomorrow means doing things like laundry--shudder, cringe--and looking for clothes for everyone. And packing food, which is just so fun the day before grocery day!

Um...I think I lost my train of thought. Where was I going?

Anyway...hey. Speaking of procrastinating. You know that dang lolcatz site? You probably do, right, because I'm the last to learn about anything. Well, I knew it existed, but I never checked it out because I didn't really get it. Then someone on the Zumba message board mentioned how funny it was so I went over to the site and all I have to say is OMGz!! Teh kittehs r in mai hed, eatin teh brane cellz. I wasted, like two hours on that dang site between yesterday and today! Too much lolspeak gives me a headache (Hello old lady. Just put me in the retirement home now. GET OFF MY LAWN! Dang kids.) But oh.The cuteness. Oh, the cuteness.

All right, all right already. I'm going to get something done, then I'm going to get some sleep. Get off my case, jeez. :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

going in circles


It's late. I promised myself that when I got home from work I would clean the house, and that lingering fact is the only thing keeping me from falling unconscious into bed. Of course, the fact that the sooner I clean, the sooner I could sleep doesn't seem to deter me from procrastinating on the computer.

So...losing weight's a bitch, huh? Seriously. And just when I start thinking I look good--I get down to the next 10's mark on the scale, I fit in a smaller size of pants--a couple of weeks go by and all I see in the mirror is FAT again! What is up with that?!

I mentioned that to a girl I work with, who lost a lot of weight years ago and now competes in bodybuilding. She said it has something to do with how you get used to how you look. Then your expectations change.

That probably also explains the whole shopping-for-clothes thing. When I was a size 18, I could hold up a size 20 and know without looking at the tag that it was too big. I could hold a up a size 8 and realize how tiny it was. And I could hold up a size 18, my size, and realize it was just about right--"normal", if you will, at least what normal was for me then.

Now I hold up an 18 and, without looking at the tag, it looks huge. (Was I really that big?!) I hold up a size 4 and it looks tiny. I hold up a size 8 and it no longer looks tiny like it used to; it looks normal. All this is without looking at size tags--my brain just seems to recognize my size as "just right". But it's frustrating! I want to hold up the size I'm wearing and think, "Yup! I sure am tiny now!" Well, I guess I do that...for the first time anyway. After that it's like, OK, that's fine, but when do I get to the next size?!

You know what would help? If I could just get rid of the whole tummy-pooch thing. Seriously--nothing makes a girl feel fatter than knowing that if she just had a flatter tummy, she could easily fit into the next smaller size. It's like, even though my circumference measures so many inches less than it used to, just the fact that I'm still storing so much junk in my middle makes my body look out of proportion.

And nothing made me realize that quite so much as now--now that I'm in the same size as I was when I graduated high school. Because man, the number on the tag might be the same, but I sure as heck don't look the same. Everything's...shifted! I used to have the tiniest little waist in high school--I'd always complain about how my pants always gaped at the waist in back. Wah, wah, wah. Now I just kind of go straight down at the sides. And oh! I thought that, as I got fitter and stronger, I'd look so much better, especially from the side view. But as I get more defined in the tummy, the lower-belly pooch just sticks out more like a sore thumb! Like, Oooooh, you might have a flat stomach...if only it weren't for that part...

I blame it all on the kids. Good thing they're so cute. ;)

Oh, and can we talk about ARMS?!

I'm happy to say that, as much as I've just whined about losing weight, my measurements are still declining pretty steadily. Yay me. Thank you God.

But my freakin arms! They continue to stay stuck at the same size no matter what. If I look at them from a certain angle, like if I look directly at them, as opposed to looking at them in the mirror, they start to look kind of defined and muscley and hot. But from any other angle, which pretty much means any angle that anyone else is going to see them from, they just look big and round. It's so frustrating because I can feeeeeeel the muscle under there, just waiting to come out. I just can't see it yet. (That goes for most of the rest of me too. I always say I have great just can't see them yet.)

I'm hoping that they're staying the same size because the muscle is replacing the fat, and because my out-of-proportion midsection is shrinking more rapidly than the parts that aren't so huge, but dang, I want cut arms! I actually complimented some poor woman who came into my work the other day. She had gorgeous arms. She said it's cuz she spends the day picking up her daycare kids. I said, "I have kids! They're heavy! They like to be picked up! I'm just going to pick them up and put them down all day." Or something like that. I get kind of chatty at work. Sometimes I scare people. YOU doin?

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


...and only 10 pounds to go until the BMI chart says I'm no longer overweight.

How crazy is that?!? Ten pounds? That's nuthin!!

Doin a happy dance...doin a happy dance...

It's quarter of one in the morning, and I am sitting in front of the TV, watching the Zumba Abs workout for the zillionth time so I can actually bring it to my classes like I keep saying I'm going to. I just can't seem to learn it! It's not even the whole workout--I only have two of the songs so I only need to remember two of the routines. But I can't do it!

...Not that my powers of retention are at their most potent at 1 am...

Only 114 days til I fly down to Orlando. Actually, it being 1 in the morning and all, I guess that makes it 113 days. I'm all excited-face at the thought. Still have to find my halloween costume. There just isn't that much demand for that sort of thing this time of year...

Oh, OK...I'm starting to see swimming spots. That usually means it's time for bed. Some people have set bedtimes--I just stay up til I can't see straight.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

happy 4th!

I know, I know. I owe you a review of the new Zumba clothes I bought. But I really wanted to get a good shot of them to show you, and since the pictures I took in my bathroom mirror kind of suck, I'm going to work on getting some pictures at the gym.

But let me say this: you need to get yourself some Zumba cargo pants. They're sooooo comfy. You'll forget you're wearing pants. And you know, maybe that's a problem for you, maybe you frequently forget to wear pants, in which case you might want to skip these pants so you remember how wearing pants feels. But for the rest of us, these pants are so worth checking out! Love them.

And the Zumba V-neck bra! Wooo, cleavage! I needed to buy a smaller size, but they were sold out. I'm keeping it anyway for practicing around the house though. husband likes it. ;)

So, size 8, huh?! I'm so excited. Although that picture I took last post was in Target. I tried on two pairs of Mossimo jeans in a size 8, and they both fit great, but I didn't buy them because--well, not that it matters, but one was too long and one was too light. Then I went to Old Navy and totally deflated because there I tried on 8s in, oh I dunno, 60 or 70 different styles, and none of them fit.

They were close, though. So, you know, that counts for something. I got them just wouldn't want to see me out in them. ;) The good news is, once upon a time that's what I was saying about my size 12s!


Hey, how are your Zumba shoes (or, you know, the shoes you wear for whatever your workout)?

Someone on the Zumba message board was saying that for an instructor teaching 3 hour-long classes a week, one pair of sneakers should last 3 to 4 months before the support is insufficient, and as we all know, worn-out sneakers can cause pain through the whole body.

3 to 4 months. For an instructor teaching 3 hours a week.

I teach 9 classes a week.

My Zumba shoes are nine months old. Possibly even 10. I have to double check. No wonder my legs have been bothering me lately! Duh.


I'm watching Zumba Abs, from the '08 DVD set. To be more specific, I'm sitting on my butt, eating way too many peanut butter-filled pretzels, lounging on the couch, watching Zumba Abs. I'm trying to memorize a couple of the Abs routines so I can use them in class (awww yeah, you guys, can't wait). Now, I do realize that I'd learn the routines much faster if I were up, you know, doing them. But I've just got so many excuses!

I just ate.
I have cramps.
It's late.
I taught two classes today.
I just did this video last week.
I'm blogging right now.
I just showered.
I'm not wearing shoes.
The floor has toys all over it.

Wah wah wah wah wah wah!

So I'll just watch it a few more times. Then it's off to bed and hopefully while I'm sleeping, the routines will miraculously fuse to my brain.

Happy fourth!


Have you seen my head wrap? You know, the one with the skulls on it that I wear to like every freakin class? I can't find it!!! I know I left it behind somewhere...I just don't remember where... Wah!!!