Thursday, June 12, 2008

Zumba, claro!

So I'm still finding it wicked hard to write lately. It's not that I don't have anything to say--I do! I do! But blogging has been kind of a chore lately, rather than a fun little hobby.

I love to write--and I'll admit, I love to hear myself talk. What blogger doesn't? That's why we do it, we just pretend it's about you. ;) But now that it's summer, and freaking gorgeous outside, I just don't have a huge desire to sit at the computer and type.

And then there's the fact that one of my dear, sweet, angelic children must have got crumbs all up in my keyboard because none of my keys want to work! Kind of puts a damper on typign when I have to go back and edit my post to add all the missing Ns, Is, and Hs...

OK, on to what I have to tell you...

Remember back a while ago I told you I was taking over the Wednesday morning class from a totally awesome instructor that everyone loved and OMG I was gonna hurl and they're not gonna like me and OMG I can't sleep and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Remember? And now it's my favorite class of all?

Well...guess who came to my class yesterday! Yep, the previous instructor, the totally awesome one.

HAHA! I was so nervous! You'd've thought a ZES* just walked into the room or something.

But that class was the best yet. The energy was intense. Personally, Wednesday class, I think you were just showing off. ;)

I enjoyed having her there so much...really, I wish they'd let her come back and co-teach with me. Maybe just sometimes? We'd definitely have to get a bigger room though. And I'm not just saying that because she reads this blog. (Eep!)

The best part was later, when I got an email from her thanking me for taking care of her class. I don't know what I emailed back, but I should have thanked her...for doing such a great job teaching the ladies who've been coming forever. It makes my job so much fun.

*That's Zumba Educational Specialist--they teach us how to teach Zumba, and they're kind of Zumba superstars, although any one of them would tell you they're just like the rest of us, just with a different job.


NINE MORE DAYS till the Master Class with Tanya B.! Promise I'll take pictures. Actually, I take that back. I suck at taking pictures, because I hate being behind a camera while all the good stuff is going on. Also because I totally suck at photography. So...I promise to take at least one picture...if I'm not too busy shaking what I got. Y'know, I do have priorities. :)

What the heck am I gonna wear? All my clothes are too big! (I know, I know, tough problem to have, right?) I think my next step after signing off here is to check out some new clothes...Can you say business write-off? ;)


Speaking of my classes, heads up you guys. New stuff coming, next time I see you! In the meantime, because I love you and want you to have a good laugh at my expense, witness this photo of me and "my girls"...taken roughly 20 years ago. I did mention my quickly-approaching 30th birthday doesn't bother me, didn't I? ;)
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