Tuesday, June 03, 2008

writers' block

When was my last post? A week ago? More than that? I'm so blocked!

Well, so that Monday night class didn't pan out. A couple months ago I promised to sub a class this coming Monday. I wrote it on my planner so I wouldn't forget.

Then I forgot.

Then I took the Monday night class at the Sharon Community Center.

Then I remembered about the Monday I promised to sub.

Did they overlap? Yup!

So I wrestled with it for a while. Part of me wanted to Go for the Money! and blow off the class I promised to sub for because it doesn't pay even half as much as the new one! and part of me knew that the right thing to do would be to honor my prior commitment. So I emailed the woman who coordinates the new class and told her I couldn't teach that day, and I would try to get a sub but didn't know of anyone off hand who didn't already teach a Monday night class.

She emailed me back saying, pretty much, never mind, I'll give it to this other girl, hope we can work together in the future.

Me = super bummed.

But! I guess it's for the best. I did what I thought was the best thing. I know not everyone would have, and I know if I tried harder I could have found a way to keep both commitments, but it would have required a lot of I'm comfortable with the situation.

But man I could really use that money. And it was a great group of women! And I would have had access to free yoga classes!! You know, flexibility is a very important part of anyone's fitness regimen...

So if you're reading, woman whom I disappointed, call me! :)


Ooh! Only 17 days til the master class with T!!!!


OK, I'm wiped the heck out. G'nite!
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