Sunday, June 22, 2008

trying to think of something really wtty and clever to talk about bfore tanya b gets here

I'm sitting in Starbucks (not a real Starbucks--here in suburbia we only have the kind of mini-Starbucks that come inside Targets), nursing a soy latte, willing all the soy protein goodness to cure up my little aching body.

I just got back from the master class with Tanya B! and my friend Lee! and OMG I hurt everywhere.

It feels so good! :)

Anyway, so I'm trying to think of something good to write before T gets here. See, Lee (who I just met in person for the first time in class today and who is SO CUTE!) told Tanya all about the blog and made me write down the address to give to her, which may or may not have been payback for when I dragged her butt up on stage with me...

But so yeah, she's going on and on about the blog and I'm freezing up! because...OK, see, I get self-conscious knowing all you guys from my classes read this stuff. We're our own worst critics, right? When I started the blog, I assumed no one would ever read it, and if anyone did, it would just be random people who randomly came upon it from some random Google search. No worries, right? Who cares?

But now Tanya B., the Zumba instructor I wanna be when grow up, knows how to get here?! Fan-freakin-tastic.

:) Just kiddin, Lee--the truth is I suck at promoting anything I do, so I'm thanful to have you!

Anyway, about the class. Do I even have to tell you it rocked out loud? did. And oooooh, my classes are in so uch trouble this week... You know, most of the instructors in my area have been doing this for less time than I have, so we're all at kind of the same level. So when I get to take a class from a ZES I learn a whole lot...which I can then take to class with me! Heh heh heeehhhh...

Oh, speaking of ZES classes, I guess Ann Saldi, the woman I took my original Zumba workshop with, gave a class in the middle of one of our local malls the other day. How cool is that? Imagine all the shoppers looking own and needing to know what that is that she's doing! Woo! :)

Oooh, and speaking of Ann, she's holding a Zumba Instructor workshop at the Franklin YMCA (that's one of my Ys!!) in August. So...if you want to learn to teach it--even if it's just sometime in the unforeseeable future--you owe it to yourself to go! Sign up soon at because I know it will sell out. C'mon, you know you want to! C'mon, I need the subs! ;) And as always, I'm here if you want to ask me anything about getting trained. Anything! The email is kimberlypaine at comcast dot net.

Next time--a review on the Zumba gear I just ordered. It should be here Tuesday, and I'm really hoping I don't have to send any of it back. Which is kind of ironic seeing as how my business accountant and financial advisor, a.k.a. my husband, is hoping I have to send it all back! :)

Oh, and I'll try to add more pictures later if I can figure out my stinkin camera.
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