Friday, June 06, 2008

late night randomness

Dear Amy's Kitchen,

Thank you thank you thank you for making this pizza.

I don't know how you did it, but somehow you took foods I don't ever eat--shiitake mushrooms, which I like to call something else, and artichokes, which I have sworn in the past to never ever put in my mouth again--and made them into one of the most fantastic pizzas I have ever eaten.

And all that, with no cheese!

My only regret is that every time I sit down with one of your No Cheese, Roasted Vegetable pizzas...I eat the entire thing. By myself. But really, at only 900 calories per 12" pizza, that's not so bad! If I were getting my pizza at, say, Pizza Hut, I'd probably be getting that in what? one slice?

So thank you from the bottom of my vegan pizza-loving heart.

Now, send me some free pizza! xD


Hey guess what happened to me yesterday! No, guess!

I got hit on! By a kid! Well, not a kid but he must've been like 20. He said I was cute. He was very respectful--backed off once he saw the wedding rings, saying "He's a lucky guy"--but yay! I'm cute to someone who isn't required to think so! :)

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