Tuesday, May 06, 2008

you can win!

Want to win that big wristful of I Heart Zumba bracelets on my post from a few days ago? I'm giving them away!

Well, not those exact bracelets. You don't want those--I sweat in those. I'll get you new ones.

Here's the deal. I want everyone to know about Zumba. And you're gonna help me! So what you need to do is send an email to all your friends and family. I won't tell you what to write--you can write whatever you want. You just need to include these three things:
  1. The Zumba name and website, .
  2. A little about your experience with Zumba, whatever it might be, including what it's done for you. Have you lost weight? Do you feel better about yourself? more sexy? more confident? Do you teach it now? Is it just a great way to get out of the house one night a week? Whatever it is to you. ...As long as it's positive. You know.
  3. This one isn't necessary, just a personal favor...tell them about the blog here. If you need the address, it's . Stupid name but hey, it's mine for now until I can buy out "".
Then copy me in the email. I need to see how many people you send it to, but don't worry--I have no idea how to sell email addresses for profit and wouldn't do it if I could. Spam sucks. I won't be using them for my own use either. I just need to be able to count how many people are reading your email.

For every person you send a Zumba-themed email to and copy me on, I will enter you into a drawing for the fancy-schmancy Zumba bracelets! Woo hoo! What's not to love!

OK, OK, so it's not like I'm sending you the new DVD set, or something. But hey, you love your friends and family, right? You want them to get healthy and have fun, right? So they need to hear about Zumba!

You have until the end of May.

This post will self destruct.
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