Thursday, May 08, 2008

headaches suck. kind of like thinking of titles for blog posts.

Last night I was up with the worst, most phantasmagorically bad migraine I have had in four months.

OMG did it suck.

Between the birth of my first child, nine years ago, and going vegan four months ago I would get these nasty headaches twice a month, coinciding nicely with my hormonal ebb and flow. Fun stuff. And if, for some reason, there were other factors involved--say, if I were dehydrated or had been eating especially poorly or was very tired--the headache would be that much worse. One time, before I actually figured out what was causing these headaches, I had one so bad that I was in the bathroom praying to either puke or die. Another time I was in bed, with all the lights out and an order issued to my husband to keep all children quiet, praying to either fall asleep or die. Those times are bad because the Excedrine just kind of bounces off the migraine while the migraine laughs maniacally, and I have to prop my head up and force myself to sip tiny sips of endless huge cups of water--without puking them up--until I'm hydrated and finally drop into bed and pray for sleep to come so I can wake up as myself again.

But once I went vegan it was Happy Days Are Here Again--I still got headaches if I was dehydrated (hello, you are supposed to drink water when you Zumba. Just so you know.) but they were headaches, like normal people get. Not migraines. No swimmy spots before the eyes. No dizziness. No nausea. No praying for the good Lord to just take me now so I can be cured of this infernal pain.

But--and here comes the confession--I've been eating my way through the house (and the convenience store, and the pizza shop, and the vending machine) for the last week with all cares thrown to the wind. And I'm dehydrated. And tired. And it's--woo hoo!--that time of month. So last night I drove home from work in a haze with one eye mostly shut, cursing myself for causing my own misery, and climbed into bed with some Excedrine (insert maniacal laughter) and a wet cloth for my head, and prayed for blessed sleep while simultaneously swearing off every bad thing I'd gorged myself on in the last 5 days.

OK, OK, I prayed. Lesson learned.

I woke up a new chica (thank you God) and am ready to get back into the healthy habits I started four and a half months ago.

No more soda.

No more artificial sweeteners.

No more refined sugar. (FWIW, did you know that refined white sugar is filtered through charred animal bones? No lie!)

No cheese. That crap is addictive.

No milk, no ice cream, no homemade sweet and sour meatballs, no homemade sesame disgusts me to even think I've ingested all those things in the last week. Disgusts.

All I want right now is lots of fruit, piles of steamed veggies on top of piles of quinoa, whole grain pasta with all-natural tomato sauce, granola and soy milk...all the stuff that makes me feel energetic and positive and feather-light and shiny-happy.

Wow...I sound like a hippy.

Oooh, that reminds me! I found a funny article you should read! Here ya go.

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