Monday, May 19, 2008

come Zumba with me!!!

I am so excited to tell you this:

You can come Zumba with me!!!

You don't need a membership. So if you don't like me, you can leave. :)

I just got a new class, and it's offered at a beautiful location. You can see out onto the lake from this gorgeous ballroom. I'm so excited!

I'm not giving details here, but if you are interested, and you live anywhere between Providence and Boston down through the south shore, hit me up at zumba_rocks at yahoo dot com and I'll give you the info. If you're subscribed to the blog already (you know, by sending an email to the same address with "subscribe" in the subject line), you'll get that email tomorrow. No need to ask. Whether you want it or not. I think that's called SPAM.

Just kidding--you all asked me for that kind of info, and I'm so excited to finally have it for you! :)

I taught the first class today. It was so great! I'm taking over for a woman who hurt her back really badly, which is so not great, but I am so thankful for the class. The women had lots of fun, and they were game for everything I threw at them. Even the hip pumping! :)

And I mentioned the view, right? Right on the lake. So gorgeous. And easy to get to! :)

In other news...if you're frustrated with dieting and exercise and losing weight, and you hear yourself saying things like, "I don't understand...I really don't eat that much," OMG do I hear you! Check this link out--America's Healthiest Drinks--for some info on ways you may be ingesting a lot more calories than you realize.
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